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The Cowgirl's Chosen Love Release Day!

It’s here! This book is full of fun days, and learning how to be a two-some when that’s not what they expected. I couldn’t have picked two better people for this adventure, though. Julia is what Zach needs, and Zach is what Julia needs, and once they both figure that out, they’ll find they’ve built a relationship on a solid foundation.

In spite of having started under the strangest of circumstances!

I hope you enjoy this trip to Heart Falls, and the chance to visit with so many of our past friends.

It’s really only the beginning…



You get this excerpt because it’s got one of my favourite exchanges between Zach and Julia. They’ve just woken in bed together, naked and still a lot tipsy…


While Zach very much wanted to be involved with Julia, being naked with not much memory of what had happened the previous evening was not a good way to begin.

Add in the fact that a quick glance around the room showed two closed suitcases still stacked against the wall, which meant if they had done something that they didn’t remember, dear God he hoped not, they would’ve done it without protection.

Julia blinked a few more times, gaze fixed on his. Her nose wrinkled as she considered his words.

Her lips curled into a perfect circle as understanding fluttered in. “Oh. Oh.”

She glanced to the side for a moment, her body tightening from top to bottom. Unexpectedly, she relaxed, releasing a breath hard enough it made her long hair wave.

A very decisive headshake followed. “It’s okay. Whatever we did get up to last night, we didn’t have sex.”

Oh, really? “And you know this how?”

Her lips twitched. “Wait. I suppose we might’ve had sex, but it’s very unlikely. Tell me, Zach. How big is your penis?”

The unexpected question floored him. “Uh…”

Her smile widened. “And on that note, I’m taking a shower. And finding some clothes. Then I want bacon. Lots and lots and lots of bacon.”

He was still reeling from the penis question.


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The Cowgirl's Secret Love releases today!

Every book I write becomes special for some reason. This one—there are deep truths that became clear as the story progressed. Some universal lessons about family that made me think hard and long about what’s truly important, and how discovering them would guide people to try to become better in the future.

While the story is about Finn and Karen learning how to be rock-solid for each other as a couple, it’s also about looking within and deciding what would make them into who they need to be for themselves.

And if that sounds too woo-woo and emo, don’t worry. There are also wild horses, foals, and Dandelion Fluff, the kitten. Duck races and human CLUE games and a lot of time spent by a bonfire.

Throw in sisters, laughter, and tons of sparks of joy, and you’ll have the not-so-very-secret anymore love affair of Karen and Finn. I hope you enjoy this second chance at love.

Here’s a short excerpt so you can meet Dandy!


It was barely two o’clock, and he was done.

As Finn made his way slowly across the yard and up to the cottage, parts of his body screamed in pain that he hadn’t expected.

He made it as far as the living room before a little ball of white fluff attacked the sock covering his uninjured foot. The next moment, the demonic creature had all four claws dug into the thick knit fabric, limbs splayed wide to keep his balance as Finn’s leg swung freely.

It was like an elephant getting attacked by a mouse, and in spite of his pain and exhaustion, Finn discovered laughter bubbling up.


He pulled out a kitchen chair and leveraged himself into it. Once his foot was resting on the ground, the kitten made his way upward, climbing Finn like a scratching post.

“Oh, hell no. None of that.” Finn grabbed the thing by the scruff of the neck before he could dig his claws into Finn’s crotch. He held the kitten in the air in front of his face.

The beast swung teeny paws and offered adorable growling meows.

Finn snickered. “Should’ve called you Marshmallow Fluff. You’re sweet enough to make a man go into shock.”

He scratched the little thing under his furry chin then tucked the kitten against his chest. He kept one hand over Dandy’s body, cradling him close, and the next thing Finn knew, the kitten was purring, nuzzling his shirt.

“Now there’s a sight.” Karen stood in the doorway, a soft smile on her lips. “I wondered where you’d gotten to, but now it all makes sense. You knew Dandy needed cuddles.”

“Can’t have him getting lonely,” Finn said gruffly.

Welcome to Heart Falls—a place for family, friends, and a second chance to fall in love.
A stand alone novel in a new trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Wealthy rancher Finn Marlette’s move to Heart Falls to fix what went wrong between him and Karen Coleman just got complicated. Suddenly he’s got five months to get his new dude ranch up and running, or lose the place to a hated rival.

New agenda: Show up on Karen’s porch, tell her they belong together, and offer her a job.

After a lifetime of following the rules and other’s dreams, Karen’s determined to find her own path. The last thing she needs is to get involved with Finn again—it was only a secret fling, and she still fell hard.

But the summer job he offers is tempting—it’s a chance to work with men who truly appreciate her ranching skills. Finn’s determined to tempt her into remembering all the delicious sexual appreciation between them as well.

Wild horses can’t keep them apart, but sabotage and too many secrets might…

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The final book in the Borealis Bears Trilogy is out today!

And now, the final Borealis brother will fall.

Cooper has So Many Plans in place, and all of them are about to be side-swiped by the mating fever and some far too clever mischief-match-making efforts. Amber is more than happy to speed things up between them, and she’ll prove herself the perfect mate to Cooper, and his bear, before the story is done.

I hope you enjoy this venture into the northern wilderness!

He’s got the perfect mate in mind, for five years from now…

The final title in a light-hearted shifter trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Cooper Borealis is fully onboard with the concept of fated mates. Except mating the woman he wants—his tempting, complicated, human secretary—is not an option. Or not yet anyway. So he’ll use a loophole to keep the vow he made to his brothers, mating fever be damned.. He’ll be with Amber Myawayan at the place and time of his choosing.

Amber has spent the past two years in the north looking for her missing brother—and falling in love with the big, growly polar bear at the helm of Borealis Gems. More than once, she’s caught him looking at her with hungry shifter eyes. But getting him to admit it? Ha! Luckily, mating fever is a thing, and she’s happy to get involved as nature forces the issue to the forefront.

But when their mating bond is unexpectedly blocked, Amber and Cooper find themselves in a race against time. She needs to track down her brother while somehow proving she’s tough enough to be with her favourite bear. Cooper plans to protect her at all costs, even if it means secretly stifling his stubborn shifter side.

Somewhere in the wilderness they’ll find the answer…or lose their chance at forever.


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Release Date: The Bear's Fated Mate

It’s time for the second Borealis brother to fall.

Alex is about to discover there’s no fighting the combined pressure of the mating fever and the meddlesome ways of Grandfather Giles. Don’t worry, though. Lara is the perfect woman for Alex, once they stop trying to kill each other!

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Don’t forget to preorder the final book in the series so you won’t miss a single moment of these sexy shifters.



Happy Book Birthday to A Soldier's Christmas Wish!

It’s time! I hope you enjoy Brooke and Mack’s trip to forever!

On a different note, there are a LOT of treats mentioned in this book. A lot. So many, I was getting hungry while writing it. Let me know which treats you spot, which you’ve never had and which are your favourites!

Happy Holidays to you!

 Pick up your copy today!

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