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Heart Falls


The Cowgirl's Secret Love is coming soon!

Get ready!

I know it’s taken a long while to get here, but it’s finally time for Karen Coleman to find her happily-ever-after.

One of the things I loved the most as this story developed was the chance to spend time with the Whiskey Creek Coleman sisters. The entire Colemans of Heart Falls is about finding family—not just their youngest sister, Julia, but the a deeper connection between the already close older women.

There’s also some dealing with baggage, because family isn’t always perfect…and that’s part of life as well.

But for now, I hope you enjoy the visit with Karen, Lisa, Julia and Tamara as the oldest of them heads into a new adventure with Finn Marlette. This time their fling isn’t going to be secret, and he’s going to do everything he can to convince Karen they belong together.

And he might just get a little help along the way from the sisters who already approve…


Enjoy a little taste of some time with the girls:


Karen pointed at Lisa. “Finn Marlette. Start talking.”

Tamara snickered then wiped a hand over her mouth as she patted baby Tyler’s butt with the other. He wiggled in her chest carrier.

Karen shifted her finger to point in a new direction. “You’re next on the hit list. Both of you knew he was in town. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because there was no reason to tell you at first,” Lisa said. She lifted one brow high. “Are you seriously telling me you never heard a word about him being around?”

Tamara leaned forward toward Julia, who was obviously at a loss. “Finn and his two brothers came to Whiskey Creek ranch a number of years ago to help out. Something intriguing went on between Finn and Karen during that time that they managed to keep all of us from finding out about until recently.” She glanced at Lisa.

“Could have knocked me over with a feather.” Lisa laid a hand over her chest with dramatic flair. Then she leaned forward as well, speaking softer as if Karen weren’t right there listening to the whole thing. “Obviously secret shenanigans were taking place. And so, when one part of the shenanigarians decided he wanted to move to our fair town and then began asking questions about the other part of the shenanigarian duo, it piqued our interest.”

Julia frowned. She turned to Karen. “We’ll just push aside the fact that Lisa makes up strange words way too easily. Is this Finn guy creeping on you? Because if he is, I will put a stop to it like, yesterday.”

A rush of emotion shot upward, and Karen threw caution to the wind. She wrapped her arms around her newfound sister and squeezed tight. “I like you. You’re good people.”

Julia patted her on the back. “Thanks. But I mean it.”

Karen let her go and stared at Lisa and Tamara, who were watching closely. “You guys are turkeys. And you’re both kind of assholes for not warning me, but no” —Karen faced Julia— “he’s not a stalker. It’s just really complicated, and as much as I love my sisters, they like to meddle.”

Welcome to Heart Falls—a place for family, friends, and a second chance to fall in love.


A stand alone novel in a new trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.


Wealthy rancher Finn Marlette’s move to Heart Falls to fix what went wrong between him and Karen Coleman just got complicated. Suddenly he’s got five months to get his new dude ranch up and running, or lose the place to a hated rival.

New agenda: Show up on Karen’s porch, tell her they belong together, and offer her a job.

After a lifetime of following the rules and other’s dreams, Karen’s determined to find her own path. The last thing she needs is to get involved with Finn again—it was only a secret fling, and she still fell hard.

But the summer job he offers is tempting—it’s a chance to work with men who truly appreciate her ranching skills. Finn’s determined to tempt her into remembering all the delicious sexual appreciation between them as well.

Wild horses can’t keep them apart, but sabotage and too many secrets might…

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Happy Book Birthday to A Soldier's Christmas Wish!

It’s time! I hope you enjoy Brooke and Mack’s trip to forever!

On a different note, there are a LOT of treats mentioned in this book. A lot. So many, I was getting hungry while writing it. Let me know which treats you spot, which you’ve never had and which are your favourites!

Happy Holidays to you!

 Pick up your copy today!

US Booksellers:

A Soldier's Christmas Wish Insider Information!

Here’s a fun story for you. I’ve mentioned before that I use dictation to help write my books. It saves the wear and tear on my wrists, and I quite enjoy having a variety of ways to work on creating stories. I dictate, then read through on my ereader and make notes. I do adjusts and polish in Word, and I have all sorts of tricks that I use at different times and places to keep things rolling smoothly.

And they all work…until they don’t.

For example, when a spelling attempt fails, and not even Word can figure out what I mean, I hop onto Google and try typing it there. Google seems to understand my typo-laden attempts the best of any spelling helper.

Dictating helps solve some of those problems. In A SOLDIER’S CHRISTMAS WISH, you’ll meet a new friend to the community, Yvette. <==it’s a simple enough name, but I type it wrong at least 50% of the time. Dictating? Her name is perfect right from the start. I love that.

Yes, my Dragon Dictate program, who I affectionately call Duckie, is a huge help.

But not even Duckie can help when I simply stall out and can’t think of the right word.

I’ve never been one who fights to pick complicated words over simple ones. I feel as if descriptions can be very vivid without being excessively florid. But when I was writing the cookie baking scene in Hanna’s kitchen, where Brooke and the little girls Crissy and Talia are getting ready to make sweet treats—I came to an absolute stall.

I couldn’t remember what the things were called that you hang around your neck, tie around your waist, and use to protect your clothing. I was in mid-sentence and simply could not go on. Short of actually saying “the thing you hang around your neck and etc. etc.,” which I didn’t want to do, my mind was blank.

So, I improvised. I didn’t want to stop the story from developing, so I did the next best thing and used another description. I figured I’d fix it later.

Which is how the phrase “cooking vest” ended up in the first draft of the book. Three times in one paragraph.

It’s not there anymore, but now every time I see the word “apron”, I laugh a little.


I hope you enjoy Brooke and Mack’s trip to forever, full of cooking vests, hotwired classic-snowplows, and slippers.

 Pre-Order your copy today!

US Booksellers:

Who is ready for more Holidays in Heart Falls?

When A Firefighter’s Christmas Gift released last year, I was so excited. It was the chance to do something I’d looked forward to for a long time—start a series of sweet and sexy feel-good stories for my readers to enjoy over the holiday season and beyond.

Hanna and Brad’s book was not only a delight to write, but people enjoyed it, and it was a chance to have something special happening in Heart Falls outside the main trilogy that was currently unfolding for the Stone family. It was perfect!

…until it wasn’t.

See, getting to tell all sorts of stories in Heart Falls is something I’m enjoying. And I like being able to step into the lives of people in town who might be less mentioned in the main trilogies.

But I forgot that Holidays in Heart Falls is a series on its own, not just a random bunch of stories that take place between the other trilogies.

Long opening to reach this point: I’m about to tangle things up two ways.


First tangle:

If you read A Cowgirl’s Forever Love that came out in May (book 1 in the new Colemans of Heart Falls trilogy), you’re probably waiting for Karen and Julia’s stories. I didn’t write fast enough to get their books out before this holiday book. It’s not a huge thing because it will all make sense down the road. Those two books will be out in 2020 and everything will fall into place.

All you really need to know for now is that A Soldier’s Christmas Wish takes place in December, a year after Hanna and Brad’s story.


Second Tangle:

Here’s the tangled part—I didn’t let you know last year who the heroine and hero would be! In this story, you’ll follow Brooke Silver (Hanna’s friend and a local mechanic) and Mack Klassen (a retired soldier/firefighter who works with Brad at the fire station) in their search for the perfect old-fashioned Christmas, and incidentally, their happily-ever-after. Neither have huge unsurmountable pasts to fight. Their problems are pretty ordinary, which means they’re familiar to most of us—things like dealing with limited finances and trying to impress the people important to the ones they love. Pushing past the emotional limits they were taught while growing up to learn what’s right for them

Surviving the snowstorm of the decade. You know, the usual.

I’m delighted for you to read A Soldier’s Christmas Wish and find forever along with them.


 Pre-Order your copy today!

US Booksellers:

A Soldier's Christmas Wish is up for Pre-order!

I am so excited to announce that A Soldier’s Christmas Wish is up for pre-order! The second book in the Holidays in Heart Falls will release October 15th. 

You can pre-order the book now at your favorite retailers:

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