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Gypsy Adventures


Viv's Travel Pictures: Yukon

It’s time to share another of Viv’s travel pictures. This is from Viv’s travels through the Yukon. I am in love with how serene the lake looks. And that reflection, AMAZING!


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Thursday Travels

Since I’m actually traveling today I thought some pictures of my destination, Las Vegas, would be appropriate.

You know, I’d never thought of Vegas as a getaway spot I’d enjoy. The entire family is much more into the wilderness and roughing it, and what I’d seen in movies and TV didn’t thrill me.

[…]Continue Reading

Thursday Travels

Last December my husband and I took off for Ecuador with our 16 year old daughter. We had plans to see various parts of the country, and one area in particular we wanted to see was the Galapagos Islands. It was incredible.

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Happy Birthday to me!

Lol. I know, we’re not supposed to talk about birthdays when they’re ours, but phooey on that. I’m happy to be around and kicking, and every year is another adventure waiting to happen.

This past year was HUGELY filled with travel. I was in a house for only…well, let’s not figure that out or I’ll go into shock. I covered parts of North America and Ecuador, attended conferences and spent time with family and friends. It was a great year.[…]Continue Reading

I'm hoooome!

After three months and I’m not sure how many miles, I’ve arrived safely back home in Canada.

I loved exploring Ecuador, and I look forward to popping up some pictures to share with you–Internet got dicey toward the end of the trip, so I abandoned all hope of keeping the blog up to date. But now I’m back, and will be getting into more mischief over the coming days.[…]Continue Reading

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