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How to... Audiobook edition!

Audiobooks are a new favorite in my household. I love to listen while I walk, do chores around the house, and on long car trips. I know many readers who love audiobooks as much as I do, and just as many who have never tried an audiobook. So, I’ve put together this easy guide for you, the new audiobook listener. 

Download the Audible app on iOS or in the Android Store. 

Log in with your Kindle Account on the Audible app or on the Audible webpage. 

Audible offers a free 30 day trial. Your free trial includes 1 audiobook and 2 books from the Audible Originals program. 

After your free trial, the cost for Audible is only $14.95 a month, and includes one free credit to be used on ANY audiobook for the month. 

Only want to listen to romance audiobooks? You can sign up for Audible Escape for only $12.95 a month (or $6.95 if you subscribe to KU or are already an Audible member). Audible Escape allows you to borrow 10 romance audiobooks at a time, and listen to them at your leisure. 

Some of my bestselling audiobooks include: 

*click the cover of the titles to see each book in the Audible store

A Rancher’s Heart (The Stones of Heart Falls #1)
Ride Baby Ride by Vivian Arend
Ride Baby Ride (Thompson & Sons #1)
Copper King by Vivian Arend
Copper King (Takhini Shifters #1)





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