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How to... Audiobook edition!

Audiobooks are now a favorite in my household. I love to listen while I walk, do chores around the house, and on long car trips. I know many readers who love audiobooks as much as I do, but just as many who have never tried an audiobook. 

So, I’ve put together this easy guide for you, the new audiobook listener. 

First, my three biggest tips:

  1. Make it convenient. 
    1. First in purchasing—stick with what feels comfortable to begin with. If you read on an iPhone, you can listen to audio with iTunes. If you purchase through Kobo, there’s an app for your audio from there. Basically you need an audio app and a way to purchase OR borrow books. Below the line, you’ll find specific instructions guiding you in HOW TO for the main apps/vendors. Including borrowing from local libraries! Having my audio books on my phone means I always have them with me. I love that. 
    2. Second convenience to consider is in listening. Use what works best for you, but I will say that I really started enjoying my listening adventure once I got wireless earphones so I wasn’t getting tangled in any cords. If I was on a treadmill or walking, it wouldn’t have mattered as much. Gardening? Wireless for the win!
  2. Make it your own.

Once you have the app and a book, you can make listening better for you. I adjust the speed of narration to 1.25-1.3x the regular speed. That pace is most comfortable for me. I’ve read of others who slow down the narration because that’s what suits them. Like adjusting font size on an ereader, you have the ability to customize your listening experience. Take advantage of it!

  1. Start with a favourite.

Knowing what was coming up made it easier to fall into the rhythm of the story. Now I listen to new books all the time, but at first, I picked a favorite book and purchased the audio. I highly suggest this as a learning tool. And if you have a favourite book of mine, even better. 😉 

Find your vendor!

Authors Direct

Purchase directly from Authors Direct! Download the Authors Direct mobile app (for Android and iOS) OR listen online with the Authors Direct Web Player. Log in and start listening to your new audiobook!

This site doesn’t have ALL my audio books yet, but the ones that are there, I control the price on! You can find sales here often if you look!


Download Apple Books in the Apple app store. Then browse the audiobooks and listen! You can find my books here


Download the Kobo app (available with Android and iOS). Kobo offers a free 30 day trial. Your free trial includes one free audiobook. After 30 days, the subscription price is only $9.99. Each month you get one credit for a free audiobook of your choice. You can find my audiobooks on Kobo here


Download the Nook Audiobooks app (available with Android and iOS). Then browse the audiobooks and listen! You can find my audiobooks here!

Google Play

Download the Google Play Books app (available with Android and iOS). Then browse the audiobooks and listen! You can find my audiobooks here!


Download the Audible app (available with Android and iOS). 

Log in with your Kindle Account on the Audible app or on the Audible webpage. 

Audible offers a free 30 day trial. Your free trial includes 1 audiobook (2 if you are an Amazon Prime Member). 

After your free trial, the cost for Audible is $14.95 a month, and includes one free credit to be used on ANY audiobook for the month. Usual suggestion is to use your credit for a full length book, and if you own an ebook that you love already, check the audio price. If it’s been “Whispersynced”, you might be able to buy the audio book for anywhere between $3.99 and $7.99. This works even if you purchase the book during a sale! See my audiobooks here

Note: you can return audio books purchased at Audible/Amazon. If you start a book and find the narrator is too distracting, or something else is wrong, please return it immediately. If you return a book after listening to the entire book, the author receives no payment.

If you have limited funds for audio I suggest checking with your local library. Most have a growing collection, and with their specific rules, authors WILL receive a royalty.

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