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Rocky Mountain Forever

Six Pack Ranch

It’s never too late for love.

Years ago, Mark Coleman made the only possible choice and left Rocky Mountain House before he tore his family apart. When he hears the four clans—Six Pack, Whiskey Creek, Moonshine and Angel—are working together to create a memory book, Mark also discovers the one detail that finally triggers his return.

Coming February 16, 2021

A Rancher's Love

The Stones of Heart Falls

Ginny is back in Heart Falls…and Silver Stone is about to face some big changes.

Possible release: spring 2021

A Cowboy's Christmas List

Holidays in Heart Falls

Alex Thorne is positive he and Yvette Wright belong together. Only after years of butting heads, it’s going to take a holiday miracle to convince her he’s right. 

A miracle aided by a hand-made Advent calendar filled with the perfect gifts to check off everything on her list.

Coming September 2021

And more...

Other books in the works. Publication dates TBA, and the series / titles aren’t set in stone, just something to guide me as I plot mischief.

The Stones of Heart Falls
A Rancher’s Vow (Dustin’s story)

Rebel Cowboys

Holidays in Heart Falls
A Rancher’s Christmas Kiss

Heart Falls Vignette Collection
Girls And Guys Night Out (Vol #2)

The Witches of Three Moon Bay  (a special paranormal joint project!)
A magical small town, three generations of witches, falling in love.

Timberwolf Lodge
Three best friends and a winning lottery ticket. A dilapidated hotel in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Werewolves. What could possibly go wrong?

A mystery or three. Seriously.

Jack Of All Trades Mysteries
Jack on the Rocks
Jack of Hearts
Hit the Road Jack

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