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Snippet Saturday- ARGHHHHH!!

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The theme today is scary. But…but…I don’t DO scary!!  Ahhh, there’s the open ‘subject to interrpetation’clause. Here’s my way to show you scary and share a snippet.

I don’t like aliens. You know, the freaky pictures with the big eyes etc? This past week my son sent me this you-tube. You don’t have to watch to the end, but at about halfway through I SCREAMED. And my teenage son thought it was a hoot. :rolls eyes:

Now to contrast with MY aliens. In Claiming Derryn there is a small furred lizard creature called a sharysa. Here’s a snippet about MY not-so- scary aliens. 🙂


A low growl cut her off and Trev offered a prayer of thanks. No way did he want to mention they were headed for the Nottingham. He’d wait until she was safely stuck onboard to explain she was about to board one of the few ships featured on Wanted posters in every port, on every planet, in the galaxy.

A narrow ledge ran the length of wall before them and it teemed with furry bodies. The sharysa were out in full force.

“Holy hell, that’s the biggest beastie I’ve seen yet.” Melina reached to brush the fur of a pitch-black creature as thick around as his thigh.

“Melina, be careful.” Crap, she was going to lose a finger at the least.

“I saw you pet Piata.” Her fascination with all things wild had always amused him and annoyed the crap out of Davis. She should have become a xenobiologist with the way she attracted alien life forms.

“These are wild ones. I’ve seen them slice a man’s arm so deep he lost it.”

She ignored him, leaning closer. “He likes me, don’t you, beautiful?” They were nose to nose and Trev held his breath, hoping for the best.

“Trev?” She sounded distracted as she buried her fingers in the thick fur of the creature.

“Yeah, baby, um, could you step back, please? I kinda like your eyes in your face.”

“When Piata talks to you, does she ever show you symbols that look like coordinates?” The black sharysa nudged its nose against Melina’s forehead then stepped off the ledge onto her shoulder. An excited roar rose from the pack, the rest of the sharysa dancing in place before disappearing like ghosts into the shadows.

“That was bizarre.” Trev grabbed Melina’s hand to lead her away, and the creature growled at him from its perch on her shoulder, its thin fingers tangled in her hair as it sniffed suspiciously in Trev’s direction.

“No, Jem, he’s my friend. Leave him alone.”

Trev back off slightly. “He’s got a name already? You still picking up strays on every one of your assignments, baby?”

She blushed. “I try not to. He says he’s coming with us. At least, I think that’s what he said.”

Damn, some things never changed. He remembered their quarters at the Institute being crowded with homeless waifs rescued from shuttles. “Who am I to argue with a furry bundle of teeth and claws?”

The familiar brushing of the sharysa from his quarters against his feet was followed a loud purr. “Do we have every one of the creatures on the planet following us now?” Trev reached down and grabbed Piata, settling her on his left side. The black beast on Melina’s shoulder chirped and the two animals wrapped around each other for a moment. “I don’t believe it. We’ve got a menagerie hitching a lift with us. Can we go now?”

“How are we getting off planet? Engines fail when you hit the atmosphere.” Melina stroked her sharysa as they walked, the furry beast purring softly with its nose buried in her hair. Trev was suddenly jealous. He wanted to be the one immersed in her scent, clinging to her softness. Soon, he promised himself. When they docked. He was sure Davis would have an idea or two about greeting Melina properly once aboard the vessel as well.


Claiming Derryn at Ellora’s Cave


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Jody W.
Jody W.
11 years ago

Hey Vivian — my snippet’s about as “scary” as yours is today. I love seeing the different interpretations!

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