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All in one place- the winners from my anniversary bash and the Tessa Dare love-fest. (Man, book 2 was GOOOOOD!!!) and… the winner from my newsletter contest for Six Pack Swag. Yes, there was a SPECIAL contest in my newsletter. Did you miss it?

Sign up and don’t miss the next one! ;) (sign up is at the bottom of the website, and I promise not to spam you)


NEWSLETTER Six Pack Swag:  Including a Six Pack Ranch bottle opener and other goodies. Jennifer Berg

-stuffed monkey: Louise
-glass half full: Jennifer Bell
-little stuffied buddies: Sullivan McPig
-coffee cup: KittyKelly

Website winners: ClaudiaGC , CrystalGB , azteclady , Pamiam , Maria E
Facebook winners: Pam Schwartz Pennell , Jennifer Jones Beyer , Claudia Arendt 
Goodreads winners: *yadkny* ,  Jennifer ,  Stacey


I’ve contacted Jennifer Berg, but I need everyone else to use the contact button at the top of the page and include for me (making it easy on my brain!)
a) what you won and
b) your mailing address if I’ll need it
c) or in the case of Tessa’s book, the format you’d like (ebook or print) and delivery information

Thank you for joining me during March- it’s been a pretty amazing month. (And it’s not quiet over yet!)

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Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
8 years ago

Yay!!! New plushie friends!
Thank you so much!

Also: your blog posts do’t show up on my bloglist anymore. Must find a way to keep up to date on your blog posts.

8 years ago

Woohoo! Thanks Viv! Now to keep my new toy away from my kids… :-)

8 years ago

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeee* yay! *happy bouncing*

erm… Thank you! *off to email*

Maria E
Maria E
8 years ago

Thanks for the giveaways.

8 years ago

Congrats to all of the winners! Enjoy! :D

8 years ago

Woo Hoo! I am off to buy A Week to Be Wicked.

Jennifer Berg
Jennifer Berg
8 years ago

Thank you so very much Vivian!!!!
I am so happy happy that I won a contest!! First time I have ever won anything!!! You have made my month a good one.!!Thanks again!

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