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Rocky Mountain Rebel

Rocky Mountain Rebel

Book 5: Six Pack Ranch Series

The best type of growing up involves getting down and dirty

Vicki Hansol made different choices than her less-than-reputable mom and sister, yet her fiery temper has left her branded with the same town-bad-girl label. When she desperately needs a change of scenery, her get-out-of-town-free ticket arrives—and requires she face down one of her deepest fears.

Easygoing Joel Coleman has nothing to complain about, but he’s never really done anything to brag about either. The youngest member of the Six Pack Ranch is looking to make some changes in his life that include stepping out from under his twin brother’s shadow.

So when the bold beauty with the smart mouth approaches him with a proposition, Joel is intrigued. Her request for him to teach her to ride soon takes on a whole new meaning. All that passion in his arms, his bed, in the barn…hell, anywhere he can get it? Bring it on.

But tangling the sheets leads to unanticipated complications, and by the time the dust settles, everything family means is going to be challenged.

Caution: Saddle up for some youthful vigor applied with great enthusiasm. Ropes, rails and raunchy sex—there’s more places to get dirty around the ranch than first meets the eye.

Previously published in 2013

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“This spicy story was a fun read and I am delighted to have found a new author to follow and will be looking for the earlier tales centering around the Six Pack Ranch.”

Night Owl Reviews

“Once again Arend provided a great installment to this series. I think each book gets better and better. I loved Joel and Vicki’s interaction together and how they both grew and took things slowly.”

– E, The Book Pushers

“It’s no secret that I am a fan of Ms. Arend’s Six Pack Ranch series. And with each story I am pulled further into the world that she has created here. Joel’s story surprised me; it was not what I expected at all for him and I am thrilled with the direction the author took his journey. Vicki was also a surprise and really just perfect for Joel.”

Smexy Books

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