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Six Pack Ranch

The Coleman family has ranched in the Rocky Mountain House area of Alberta for generations. These modern day contemporary cowboy romance stories follow the men of the extended family as they find their place in the community and fall in love.

Six Pack Ranch

The Six Pack Family Album

Like any family album, this one is a work in progress so if you love the Colemans, here’s where you can catch up on what’s happening.

If there’s something you’re specifically interested in knowing more about, contact me using the form on the Contact page.

Family Trees & Vignettes


There will be 12 books in the series, with spin-off books/series, including Thompson & Sons, for the ladies of the Coleman clan. You can read the series separately, or together. There’s overlap in the stories, but you shouldn’t be lost without previous books, although you might get some spoilers (like babies etc etc).

The timeline for Six Pack Ranch books & the companion series Thompson & Sons:

  • Book 1: Rocky Mountain Heat
  • Book 2: Rocky Mountain Haven
  • Book 3: Rocky Mountain Desire
  • Book 4: Rocky Mountain Angel
  • Book 5: Rocky Mountain Rebel
  • Book 6: Rocky Mountain Freedom
  • Ride Baby Ride (Thompson & Sons 1)
  • Rocky Ride (Thompson & Sons 2)
  • Book 7: Rocky Mountain Romance
  • One Sexy Ride (Thompson & Sons 3)
  • Book 8: Rocky Mountain Retreat
  • Let It Ride (Thompson & Sons 4)
  • Book 9: Rocky Mountain Shelter
  • A Wild Ride (Thompson & Sons 5)
  • Book 10: Rocky Mountain Devil
  • Book 11: Rocky Mountain Home 
  • Book 12: Rocky Mountain Forever 


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