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Under the Northern Lights

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I’ve double checked, but I don’t think I announced this yet, and it’s worthy of a squeal of delight or two. Samhain has decided to put books 1 and 2 of the Granite Lake Wolves together into an anthology and next summer they will be available in print.


Under the Northern Lights is the title for the book that will be released August 2010. I know there have been people asking about getting a print copy of Wolf Signs, and they’ll be able to, along with Wolf Flight. This is actually a very good match since the books take place in a very close time frame, and many of the same characters are in both stories.

A split second is all it takes to pull the trigger on destiny

Wolf Signs

Robyn’s deafness doesn’t stop her from taking the backcountry trip she’s been craving. Meeting a hot, ripped hunk-of-male at the Yukon cabin starts cravings of a different kind. And raises questions about wolves, mates, and duels to the death.

He wanted a quiet retreat before challenging for the pack Alpha position. Keil wasn’t planning on meeting his mate or discovering she’s not aware she has the genes of a wolf to go along with her attitude…

Wolf Flight

Tad’s workaholism keeps his bush-pilot company in the air, and his inner werewolf in check. Letting it lose would mean compromising his human principles. Then Missy re-enters his life, and their chemistry is off the charts, pushing him closer to the step he’s not sure it’s safe to take.

A wolf pack is a dangerous place to have secrets, and Missy’s corrupt Alpha has sniffed out her carefully hidden Omega powers. Her only choice is to get to Tad, and hope like hell his untapped powers are strong enough to negate her own…

Warning: Contains nasty Alphas, secret Omegas, and yup—predestined mates. Includes dangerous use of sarcasm and hot wilderness nookie.

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12 years ago

WOOT! Congrats Viv!


Natasha A.
Natasha A.
12 years ago


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Thanks Ladies- Yup, very exciting.

It'll be my first print release, and while I LOVE ebooks, there's something special about print that I'm looking forward to as well.


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