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Tuesday Tidbit

Well, it’s in the works. Wolf Games. Still rough, but I’m having fun. We’ll see where this ends up…


“Maggie? You’re here!” Missy twisted in her chair and what Maggie thought was a pillow twisted with her.

“OMG, you’re…” Oops. Gigantic was probably not a good thing to say to a pregnant woman.

“Huge? Damn it, Maggie, I don’t feel like a wolf, I feel like a stinking whale. Come and give me a hug. I don’t get up too easily these days.”

Maggie came as close as she could, wrapping her arms around her sister and relaxing into her embrace. The heavy bulge of Missy’s baby filled belly separated them and Maggie giggled. “There’s never been more of you to love than now.”

“Oh gee, good one. Like I’ve never heard that one before.”

They grinned at each other. The years apart faded away. Missy was family—all the family she had left and she desperately needed family right now. “Thanks for letting me join you.”

“You’re going to be working for your keep, trust me. I can’t move fast enough to keep up with Jamie. I’m so glad he won’t be able to shift into a wolf until he’s a teenager. He’s hard enough to catch as a one year old.”

Maggie glanced around the room, looking for her year old nephew. “Where is he?”

“Sleeping. I think. I don’t hear rockets going off, so he must still be locked in his room.”

Tad dropped a kiss on his mate’s forehead before squatting beside her. Missy glared at him. “Finally. Did you get me—?”

He thrust out a handful of brightly coloured chocolate bars. “Dark chocolate. Plus orange chocolate…with walnuts.”

Missy stared disgruntled, her mouth twisting. She planted both hands on the sides of her chair to heave herself into a new position. Tad rushed to help her. She smiled sweetly at him and started again. “After you left I decided I also want—”

“—dried smoked salmon. There’s one bag on the table. I left the rest in the fridge.”

Maggie chuckled behind her hand. “Missy, are you trying to be difficult?”

Her sister pouted. “It’s his damn fault I’m a bloated beach ball. Again.”

Tad winked at her. “All my fault. I confess.” Maggie watched in amusement as the two of them teased and verbally sparred for a minute before he rose, kissing Missy’s cheek once again. “I’m going to leave you two ladies alone to get reacquainted. I’ll take Jamie with me, but we’ll be back in time to escort you to dinner.”

“I want pickles at dinner.”

Maggie burst out laughing as Tad shook his head slowly. “You hate pickles.”

“I want them.”

Tad snickered at Maggie. “Pickles. At least it’s not pickles and ice cream. That would be too cliché.”

“Your fault,” Missy restated.

He blew her a kiss. “I seem to remember you were there too.” He ducked the pillow she threw and left.

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J.K. Coi
J.K. Coi
12 years ago

I like pickles 🙂
You've been writing like gangbusters. Congratulations! Good thing too, with all those story ideas to get down on paper…

Oh, and I like the idea of Wednesday Hunk Day 🙂

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