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Math Musings

I’ve decided that I’m a secret math geek. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.


If I write 2K words a day I could be done both wolf stories and the next cowboy story in 42 days.
If I wrote 5K a day like some of the full time writers do, I could be done all three first drafts in 17 days.

Of course, I’d be totally numb at that point, but the thought of it is fun. ;)

2K is do-able for me on some days. 5 only when my family doesn’t mind eating take out, wearing dirty clothes and marking their own schoolwork. It also means I can’t be doing edits on other things, writing synopsis or doing a lot of promotion, all things that take time themselves.

Bottom line, I’ll get done as much as I can when I can, and try to keep enjoying the journey.

P.s. I love edits…in spite of the picture. But they do take time!

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J.K. Coi
J.K. Coi
11 years ago

I think you could do it–at least the 2k per day.

I've been keeping a pretty reliable schedule since I started this new WIP on Sept. 1, but with the day job and kiddo not getting to bed until after 8:00 these days, I can't seem to get more than 1500 (which is pushing it), I'm averaging more like 1k per night although now that I'm through a little rough spot in the plotting area, I'm going to be stepping that up to 1500 each night for sure.



Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

I think it's good to have a goal–and I do have 2K/day as my current one–but it's just as important to at least write something, even if you can't make the full amount.

Your 1K is 1K more than nothing… a whole LOT more.

Let's keep rolling JK!

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