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Tuesday Tidbits

Excerpt from Hidden Away

Jessi shook her head at the continued bizarre experience. A workout, werewolves, fantastic sex all morning long and now there were two more strangers in her kitchen setting out… she sniffed… roast beef sandwiches.

Hell, she was hungry.

Tyler roamed under foot, sticking so close she was on the verge of giggling when Leslie handed her a plate.

“Why did you want to leave L.A. and come move here? L.A. must have been wonderful.”

“Well, I thought it would be—“

“I mean really, there’s nothing to do here. In the big cities there’s always something happening, right?”

“Yes, but you know—“

“I mean, you don’t wait until there’s an official dance to go dancing, do you?” Leslie nibbled at a little sandwich, eating mostly lettuce. “And the shopping, why I’d love to be able to shop…”

Jessi kept listening to the girl but her stomach grumbled.

To hell with polite. Elbowing Tyler back from where he was sniffing at the table she torn apart two sandwiches, doubled up the meat and took a big bite.


Jon chuckled as he watched her enjoy lunch.

“I like a girl who knows how to pack it away.” He leaned toward her, his tone teasing and Jessi froze as Tyler growled in his direction. “Hush, boy. Gee, Jessi, I guess you don’t mind dogs if you’re letting them into the house. You should be careful, there’s a whole bunch of them sometimes.”

“Jon, you know that Tyler said they only have two most of the time. He just takes in a few more when friends go on holidays. I think they’re beautiful.” Leslie’s voice was wheedling. “Come here, sweetiekins, come on my big fluffy wuffy beastie. I’ve got something for you.” She leaned around the table with some roast beef in her fingers, wiggling it at Tyler.

Jessi felt the hair on the back of her neck rise up and she had to grit her teeth to stop from snapping at Leslie. Her whole body flushed in an instant and she was ready to slam the girl into the kitchen floor.

Holy shit. Jessi closed her eyes for a second and tried to gain control. Tyler hadn’t moved from where he was at Jessi’s feet and as far as she was concerned if he did move she was going to kick him in the ribs. So it seemed that his little display of possessiveness earlier in the bedroom was contagious.

No one sweet-talked her man, even when he was in wolf form.

She reached out for the meat in Leslie’s hand. “He’s temperamental. Seems who ever stays here is the one he protects. Visitors are… watched. I’ll give it to him.” Her hand stayed steady until Leslie passed the tidbit over, then she pushed back her chair slightly, and motioned for Tyler to approach.

“Come, Buddy.”

He slipped up and took the meat from her fingers, licked her hand clean and then pushing his body hard against her legs he sat down on her feet. Jessi took a swig of punch from her glass.

“Aren’t you going to wash your hands?” Leslie’s whine was getting more than irritating. Jessi was tempted to pick up her sandwich and then lick her own fingers in front of them.

“Mustard, anyone?” Jessi rose to her feet and stopped to wash her hands briefly before rooting in the fridge.

It was time to get them out of her house. She’d been polite, but now she wanted to spend the rest of the day figuring out what Tyler meant by saying she was a werewolf. Finding out how big the bed was in Tyler’s room. Inane diner conversation with local hicks couldn’t compete with those plans.

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12 years ago

Hi Viv,
Glad you stopped by my blog. I’ve had a look around here and over at your website, I’ll be popping back for more.
Oh, and when Hidden Away gets published, I want it!!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Glad to see you here, Rhian.

I guess I need to get edits done so I can submit -Hidden Away-. Tyler is soooo hot, but I think I like his Beta, Damien, even more.


Come and visit when you can, tomorrow I’ll post another part of Fae Vision. That one’s starting to heat up.

Damn, I love writing…

12 years ago

Hey, I want the cowboy story!!!!
I’ve been reading your whole blog, who’s that whispering about procrastinating?
Anyway, I love it! Did you submit it? I was going to write a cowboy story, probably still will but I think I’m out of time now. *sigh* Never enough hours in the day.
Oh, and did I miss something on your site or is there no email listed to contact you on?

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Hopefully Samhain wants the cowboys too!

People can reach me through my blog profile until I get smart enough to put up an email link.

12 years ago

Ah… never knew that. I’m off to investigate that nifty little idea. I wonder if it’s on my….
P.S. I hope Samhain grabs the cowboys because if not I might resort to begging to get me some more. What’s on here is NO where near enough.

12 years ago

This looks great to me too Viv. I agree with Rhian, I want to read it when it’s published.


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