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From The Wind and The Sun Vivian Arend 2009

They strolled the boardwalk, arms brushing together as they dodged the masses of people milling around them enjoying the beautiful summer day. Sunshine had brought them to an amusement park near the ocean. She’d thought about her Mom’s advice, and she knew the times she received the most compliments were on the long, hot days of summer. Days that stretched out forever with nothing to do but spend time with each other. It wouldn’t win the contest for her but she planned on setting the foundation to blow him out of the sky with her second location.

A slow simmering build-up.

They changed clothes as she flashed them to the park. Sunshine wore a short and top combination in a pale gold. The shorts hung low on her hips to leave her glittering belly ring exposed. It sparkled in the sun as they walked and she smiled at the admiration she saw in the eyes of men around them.

Zephyr drew closer, slipping a possessive arm around her waist. He now wore a pair of boarder shorts with swirls of blue and grey and a matching grey shirt that said, “My Family is More Dysfunctional than Yours.”

“Troubles, Zephyr?” Sunshine turned her face toward him and batted her eyes innocently. He growled at her.

Growled at her! How wonderful.

“The challenge is between the two of us, Sunshine. Don’t involve anyone else.”

Sunshine lifted a hand to her lips and smirked. “But, Zephyr, the Cloud family is a traditional part of the challenge. I’m sure the Cumulus twins would be happy to join us. I have to hide behind them at some point. Or may I should hide between them…” She tapped a slim finger on her lips as she pretended to consider.

Zephyr’s nostrils flared. “No one will be joining us. If you thought you needed them to help you win you should have arranged it before.”

Interesting. He didn’t like the idea of the Cloud boys coming around. Store that under ‘Intel to use to win challenge’ category. She pointed to the fairgrounds. “I’d like to take in a few rides. Which are your favorites, Zephyr?”

He looked around the park before answering. “I suppose I should be predictable and say the roller coasters, but I get to do that all the time.” He slipped his hand farther around her body to tuck her tighter into his side. “You are my guide, it’s your location. Take me away, Sunshine. I’m all yours.”

Oh, he was, was he? Sounded interesting. Sunshine licked her lips and wiggled her way out from his clasp. Taking him by the hand she tugged him toward a ride. It was time to start winning the contest.

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