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Monday rambles

Over the weekend I’ve learned the following:

1. I -really- dislike transposing written stories ie from a notebook to the computer. I had written a bit when I was in the mountains and spent yesterday transferring the info. Now I usually do write out bits of scenes in small notebooks when I’m trucking around town being super Mom, but this was over 5K of material. No. Not my cup of tea at all.

So the lesson is I either have to get a ‘Dragon’ voice recognition program if I’m going to hand write or I skip the writing and just mentally plan scenes. Because, ugh, that wasn’t fun at all.

2. I learned it doesn’t matter how many times you hit the update button, mail arrives when it arrives, screens up date when they update. Being impatient gets me nowhere fast!

3. I learned is how to take a screen shot- I now have a picture of Wolf Signs sitting on the ebook shelf next to Arthur C Clarke at Books on Board. How cool is that!!

Plans include attacking Wild Card and getting it up to speed. Looks like I might have edits starting soon on Rocky Mountain Heat (yeah!!!) and I think we’re just about done edits on Tidal Wave.

If all goes as planned I could be back in a smooth swing of things by the end of the week. Still enjoying the rush of release day as Wolf Signs sits at the top of the list at MB&M, and rises on Fictionwise and AllRomanceeBooks.

I’m working to make sure I have a tidbit from a story to share with you tomorrow.

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