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Tuesday Tidbit

From current Work in Progress, Claiming Derryn


They hung together until the pulsing beat between them slowed, the intimate connection of belonging to each other too good to break apart quickly. Trev’s arms trembled and he had to lower himself before he collapsed, all the strength from his body washed away, drained by her touch.

She reached up and smoothed a hand along his cheek, her dark eyes glittering at him for a second before she pulled him close and kissed him. No longer frantic, no longer desperate but still far too needy. One whole fucking year lost. The soft caress of her lips drew his heart closer. His body sated, now his mind and soul could relax as well.

He rolled to the side, panting for breath. Since they last made love he’d fantasized regularly, but all the daydreams in the universe couldn’t complete with the real thing. Trev lifted her nearest hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles before linking their fingers together. He rested them together on his chest where his heart still pounded a heavy beat. Hell, sex like that would kill him, but what a way to die.

They lay on their backs for a long time, the constant noise of the planet’s underground streams creating a relaxing backdrop for their post coital comatose sprawl. Trev watched her slow her breathing, take back control of her body. It always amazed him to see her pull back into the persona of order and calm after sharing her passion and wildness. He smiled. Something deep inside him was pleased to know few had seen that side of her.

She swung herself up so she straddled his hips, her breasts still peaked with arousal. Melina’s expression was thoughtful as she studied him.

Then she pulled back her fist and slugged him.

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12 years ago

HA lol that is great!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Trev and Melina are so good together…

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