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Facing the challenge

I still consider myself a new writer. Just about everything I attempt is new to me. Now that I’ve finished a few stories there are ‘old’ territory I venture back into, yet I’ve had a lot of fun trying new genres and exploring new worlds.

Is it because I’ve read so many books over the years? My father had a constant stream of sci-fi, fantasy, classics, mysteries… all different authors, different series. My exposure to just about anything on the shelf grew as we talked about favorites and what he doesn’t like (slow paced monologue-ish tomes) and what I don’t like (first person…still can not get into it).

And now I’m working on Claiming Derryn, my ‘Space Opera’ and if it weren’t for the sex , I wonder what my father would think? It’s not as science laced as it could be; I’m heavier on the relationships and the character interactions than the cool gadgets and lasers and world building. As I approach the end it’s tough to not compare my work with sci-fi writers I grew up on and come up lacking.

But I know the actual craft of my work has improved. I catch myself as I’m writing and avoid some of the pitfalls I used to have to edit out. There’s still lots of room for improvement, but it is very satisfying to note that although I’m no Isaac Asimov, I’ve come a long way.

And that’s worth smiling about 🙂

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12 years ago

Seeing your own improvements is one of the best things about a craft like writing. 🙂

12 years ago

WOW! So you are trying to write a sci-fi romance?

I am very surprised. I would never guessed that you are a sci-fi lover!

Actually i am not the one for sci-fi. I read very little. Or more precisely i always missed romance elements in most sci-fi books.

I am not a writer, and don't know much about the writing process, but i like reading first person novels. It's kind of like a conversation for me. But surely sometimes it can be very funny if the author describes thing what she/he shouldn't have known in first person.

I will eagerly wait for your sci-fi book. Maybe it will make me love this genre. 🙂


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Violet- very true!

Mea- it's more romance than sci-fi. The setting makes it sci-fi but the sex…smoking hot in any dimension!

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