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Sizzling Summer Heat - Week One - Jayne Rylon

The gals at International Heat are hosting a ‘Sizzling Summer Heat’ contest–ten weeks, ten great prizes. Each Sunday the spotlight will be on a different IH lady. If you comment on the spotlight, your name will be thrown in the hat to win a prize from that spotlighted author, reviewer, cover artist or editor. Winners will be announced on Saturdays and the next day, the spotlight will shine on someone else as a new contest begins. The more blogs/websites you visit and comment on, the better your chances of winning. Participants include:

Mari Carr, Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, Lila Dubois, Jambrea Jo Jones, T, Valerie Tibbs, Sherry Ricardo, Rhian Cahill and Vivian Arend

This weeks feature is on Jayne Rylon.

Now, I have to say I’m a recent fan of Jayne’s. I ‘met’ her for the first time last fall when her story Nice and Naughty released the same week as Jess Dee’s A Question of Trust. I -loved- her story. From the first minute of the exciting motorcycle /race race to the incredibly sexy scene that follows (trust me- sex on the hood of a car-WIN!)…I was in love.

But it wasn’t until we went to the Lori Foster conference that I got to meet Jayne in person and O.M.Goodness she is amazing. She’s sweet and funny and super easy to listen to. And I fell in love all over again.

Leave a comment to be entered in the contest, and if you head over to International Heat you can link to all the other participants!

Yeah Jayne!!

Dream Machine by Jayne Rylon

The best dreams are made of naughty and spice.

Rebecca Williams is about to achieve her goal of graduating from a prestigious university and winning a coveted spot in her mentor’s cutting-edge psychology practice. She just needs one more qualification: sexual experience. She never dreamed i1076t would come at the hands of the man she’s admired and wanted for six years. Dr. Kurt Foster.

Kurt, a brilliant psychologist in the field of sexual therapy, is a scientist to the core. Attraction and lust are nothing more than chemical reactions, in his clinical opinion. Love? It’s just a figment of the imagination born of nature’s directives. He’s on the brink of proving it with a new machine that uncovers latent desires.

In short order, Becca’s forbidden lust for her boss is exposed. As Kurt continues to enlighten her on the darker facets of her sexuality, the student unexpectedly becomes the teacher.

And suddenly Kurt is confronted with the irrefutable proof that love is so much more than a societal construction.

Warning: This book is only suitable for readers who are turned on by hot doctors engaging in sexual experiments, bondage, ménage a trois, exhibitionism, suspension, anal sex and other deviant behavior using mechanical stimulation devices they’ve invented to make your wildest dreams come true.

Available from Samhain Publishing

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12 years ago

Great Contest! What a great way to be introduced to new authors. Thanks for the opportunity!

12 years ago

Love this great way to learn about new authors.

Karen H in NC
Karen H in NC
12 years ago

Sounds like a fun contest. Great way to get to know your work since you are a new-to-me author!

12 years ago

I was a bit worried about this read..I wasn't sure I would like it….
BUT I loved it! It was so great! Dream Machine was fantastic!

Jayne Rylon
Jayne Rylon
12 years ago

Hello all, nice to "meet" you and thanks to Viv for spotlighting my books!

Natasha, I'm so glad you enjoyed Dream Machine. It's a huge compliment that you loved it even when you weren't sure about the premise. Thank you!

12 years ago

I have to totally agree with you about Nice and Naughty. It is a fabulous read. Very fast-paced and super steamy. I'm looking forward to reading Dream Machine now.

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