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Special Fundraiser

I know it’s release day everywhere for Caleb and Tamara, but I have something else I need to tell you about first. Ready?

I’m taking part in a fund-raiser that I think is really important. It’s for today only, so if you can, I’ve got all proceeds from the sales of ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL from today going to this event.
I know you might have this book already, but hey, if not? Buy it. Or buy it for a friend…or check out the other titles and purchase one of them (for you or a friend!) The money is going to make a young woman’s life so much better…

Official information here:
Screen Shot 2017 11 15 at 9.14.13 PM
One day, thirteen books. One refugee who needs a safe place to go. Help us get her there.

100% of the royalties raised today will go directly to the funds supporting a particularly vulnerable refugee during her first year in Canada. Click on the first image below to learn more about the fundraiser, and then please buy some books! We’re trying to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible, so remember that those of you in the US can gift ebooks (and you can set them up to deliver on any date that you want), and we’ve included paperback links where they’re available.

Please support if you can. And if you can only purchase one book today, leave A Rancher’s Heart on the shelf for a while and grab one of those in the fund-raiser.
Thanks for caring and helping a stranger to a better future!

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