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Secondary Character is the theme today. Oh, oh, oh, pick me!!! It’s GOT to be TJ that I introduce you to, if you haven’t met him yet… He’s the classic sidekick. I love him so much….

In Wolf Signs, TJ is introduced as the accident prone younger brother to the hero of the story. In Wolf Flight, he’s there as well, and yes, I had to include him in Wolf Games, coming out in  March. (Psst, he gets his own story, hopefully by Oct 2010)

———-Wolf Signs———–

Keil laughed and turned to TJ.

“You should be the one, Keil, she’s gonna see you naked the most often.”

Keil glared at his brother.

“What? You still having problems with that boner? Man, now I really think you should shift. It would serve you right for hauling me along on your retreat instead of letting me go hang out at Klondyke Kate’s with the rest of the pack.”


“All right, don’t get your fur in a knot. I’ll shift, but you keep an eye on her. If she signs anything that looks like ‘cute doggy’ or ‘sweet fluffy wuffy’, I want to learn them to insult the boys at the next pack meeting.”

Robyn raised her eyebrow.

“Stop it with the Spock look, Robyn, that seriously freaks me out. I keep expecting to see you grow pointy ears and hear you announce, ‘But this is not logical.’” TJ continued rambling as he dropped his clothes and stood naked in the middle of the cabin. He waggled his eyebrows at her and she blushed.

“Get on with it before I apply the Vulcan death grip to you, little brother.” Keil spoke through clenched teeth.

TJ shimmered and there were two images overlapping each other, another shimmer and there was a large silver grey wolf sitting on its haunches in front of them. Robyn tensed. Keil watched her rise from the chair, eyes wide with wonder. She stood for the longest time and simply stared, her breathing rapid, face flushed. He was ready to take her arm to reassure her when she dropped to her knees and reached out in slow motion to brush the fur on TJ’s head and neck.

After a few strokes of her hand, TJ rolled over to his back and tilted his neck up. A surge of pleasure raced through Keil’s veins at the sight. His brother, while not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, was a physically strong wolf. TJ didn’t give instant obeisance to just anyone. Another indicator that the woman kneeling by Keil’s feet was going to be a powerful addition in his life.

TJ shifted back and Robyn was caught stroking her hand down his naked chest.

“Damn!” Robyn shouted and shot away from TJ, backing into the door.

“Oops, sorry, Robyn. You were tickling me something fierce. Boy, am I glad you didn’t say ‘shit’ or some other swear word like that. With how strong your voice is I’d have been in a hell of a mess,” TJ muttered quietly to himself as he pulled on his clothes.

Keil watched as Robyn closed her eyes for a moment and drew a shaky breath. Hell, could TJ do anything without screwing it up?

————Wolf Flight————

Then it started.

“Well, what have we here? A half-blood lurking in the corner? Someone take out the trash for me.”

Tad glanced down at an older woman, skin leathered by the sun. “Hey, I was—”

An overgrown ape pounded up to Tad and grabbed him by the arm. He gave Tad a brief sniff then choked. “Gag. Untriggered too. Move along, little puppy. This event is for big boys and girls. Invitation only.” He began to drag Tad toward the exit doors.

“Hang on, I was invited—”

“Right. And I’m the Queen of Sheba.” She tossed back her bleached hair. “It’s riffraff like you that make me worry about bloodlines. Nasty thing.”

Tad pulled hard and slipped away. He backed up quickly, darting a glance around the room to try to find a friendly face. A hand touched his shoulder and he acted on instinct and swung his fist landing a solid blow on…TJ’s jaw.

Damn. That wasn’t on the to-do list.

TJ flew backward to collapse at the feet of an angry crowd.

“See, just what I’ve said all along. We get no respect from half-bloods anymore.” A skinny man pulled TJ to his feet and tried to brush him off. “I do hope you’re all right, TJ. How extremely rude of this bum to hit you. Don’t worry about him, we’ll show him out.”

TJ slapped the man’s hands away and stomped up to Tad. Shaking his finger in Tad’s face, TJ glared at him. “Do you know what you’ve done? Jerk. You cost me twenty bucks.” He clapped Tad on both shoulders and his scowl turned to a grin. “I thought the brown-nosing would require at least a couple of hours to start. You’ve managed to get the suck-ups to show themselves not even fifteen minutes after Keil left the room. Good job, buddy.”


Wolf Signs available here, Wolf Flight available here.


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Want TJs story!
Write lady! WRITE!


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