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Snippet Saturday-Fight Scene

Today’s snippet is an emotional fight…

From Rocky Mountain Heat, newly released from Liquid Silver books.

She gasped as pain rippled through her belly. His words lashed her, stinging to the core. The seemingly caring tone he delivered them in made it worse. She wanted to smack him hard enough to knock off his blinders and turn this disaster of a conversation around.

Before he broke her heart.

“Oh, so now I’m old enough to play around, just not with you. Hmm, let’s see, who do I know that’s around my age and interested in me. Gee, two names jump to mind.”

“Jaxi…” The emotionless face changed in an instant to disapproval and anger.

“What, you don’t think Jesse and Joel are interested in me anymore? I was pretty sure Jesse said he was, just the other day.

He stepped toward her, forcing her to shuffle backward to stay out from underfoot. “I’ve warned them you’re off limits. The only way I want to see you around them is if you pick one and the other swears to bow out. I won’t have you messing around with them both.”

Jaxi popped her eyes open wide and forced herself to display a delighted expression. “So it’s true, they do get involved with the same girl at the same time. Damn, sounds like a bit of an adventure. Maybe that’s what I need since I can’t have what I want.”

“You stay away from my brothers,” he warned, his voice harsh and low.

She let out a burst of laughter, feeling hard and tight inside. “You’re not the boss of me. Maybe I can’t convince the one Coleman I want to be with me but I bet you I can sure as hell have a little fun with a couple others.”

He loomed over her, dark and dangerous and she wanted to have him hold her instead of dealing with this whole stupid mess. “Let’s not throw it away, Jaxi, all those years of friendship,” he said.

Her throat was tightening up, all her anger melting away as she fought back tears. There was no way she was going to cry in front of him, not now. She had to figure out a solution to stop the train wreck from continuing. “I agree we’ve had something special in the past. But don’t you see, all those years of friendship were leading to something bigger and better and that’s what you’re choosing to throw away. You, Blake, you’re the one throwing it away. I know what I want.”

She stood on tiptoes and brushed a kiss on his burning hot cheek before whispering, “Let me know when your ready to admit what you want. I’m getting tired of waiting for the right answer.”

Jaxi had never been keen on dramatic exits but time was of the essence to avoid bursting into tears. She slipped past his solid bulk and dashed out the fire exit.


Available from Liquid Silver Books

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