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Taking a deep breath

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog. I had only recently signed the contract for Wolf Signs, and over the first months I shared about the process I was experiencing for the first time. Filling in art forms, creating drafts of blurbs and warnings–gotta love the warnings they include at Samhain!The first edits. Removing a million extraneous words from the story…oh my did I use a lot of ‘that, begin, just, simply…’ in that first story.

Now that I’m working on the the sixth (!) set of these papers, I have to tell you the thrill is still there, but it’s …different. The joy is more like a steady buzz and less like an electric shock.

Both, equally addictive. Really.

There’s sad moments too, but I’m also learning that part has changed in tone as well. I submitted Claiming Derryn for the Space Opera anthology, and just found out that while I made it to the very end selection, my story was not one of the three chosen. I’m disappointed, but there’s still this amazing sense of accomplishment that rings through me. I wrote a Space Opera! And a damn good one. In one month’s time I wrote and polished a 30K work that I really enjoy reading.


The story is now with my regular editor at Samhain. We’ll see what she has to say. I trust these people–the editors. They’re not rejecting me. They’re saying that in some cases the work needs a little more polish, or in the case of the anthology, there were simply better stories to fit together.

I’m still anticipating being able to share my Space Opera with you at some point. The sharysa will continue to breed prolifically until they are brought into the light of day to enjoy! In the meantime, I’m working on Book three in the Granite Lake wolves. Daily Progress is shown on the bar at the right–

And it’s still magical to see the words appear under my fingers. I can hardly wait to see what happens next…

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
11 years ago

*hugs* I am sorry you were not selected, but good on you for not giving up! It sounds like Samhain is a fantastic place to work with.

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