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Snippet- Rocky Mountain Desire

This coming Tuesday is the day. Book three, which is Matt’s story, has been a long time coming.

For those of you who discovered the Coleman’s this past November  it’s been a quick trip, but for the people who purchased Blake and Jaxi’s story back in August of 2009, and then Daniel and Beth’s original version in March of 2010–they’ve been waiting a long time for the next part of the story. I’m so pleased to be able to finally have more for you about the Coleman clan.

And good news–I’ve got the release date for book 4, ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL will be out December 11 of 2012. It’s 9 months away, I know, a lot longer than 2 months, but hopefully I’ll be able to start a nice routine and have new Six Pack Ranch stories on a regular basis after that.

In the meantime, a hot scene for you. If you want more snippets I’ve been posting at my Facebook page all week.


“Damn it, don’t you leave right now.”

Matt spun. “You’re swearing at me? Fuck that. If I want to leave, I’ll leave. That’s what you said, isn’t it? That if it’s something I really want to do, then I can do it. And right now I want to go. In fact I want to go and get a stiff drink, and since I’m too fucking responsible to get shit-faced except when I’m safely at home, I’m gone.”

She grabbed his collar, one side in each hand. “Fine. Go drink yourself into a bloody stupor. But this goes two ways. There’s something I want before you run.”

Logic flew out the window. It was the last thing she should do and yet it had to be done. She yanked him forward.

He was an unmovable wall, but she was strong enough the frantic jerk brought her to the mountain of his body. She lifted her chin and slammed her mouth against his, kissing fiercely. His hands hovered in midair for a moment, visible in her peripheral vision before she closed her eyes and simply took what she wanted.

His hands didn’t stay unoccupied for long. She was lifted off her feet. The bulk of his muscular body shoved her backward as his tongue thrust between her lips. Her back hit the wall the same moment he switched from accepting her kisses to consuming her. She couldn’t groan, couldn’t let out anything but a brief gasp when he ripped his lips from hers and bit her neck, the entire front of his body rammed against hers, pinning her in place.

Hope raised her legs and wrapped them around his hips, squeezing as tight as she could with her still relatively strong dancer’s muscles. If she didn’t get her point across one way, he was going to hear it loud and clear another.

Oh God, he thrust his hips forward, making contact with her core, and his name burst from her, exploding like a cry for help. She clutched his head, jerking his hair to drag his mouth back into range so she could kiss him again. Excitement simmered in her core, tingles of pleasure radiating out from where he rubbed insistently against her, the solid ridge in the front of his jeans a magnet she was determined to stay connected with.

And his kisses? She melted under his assault. Heated, wicked, violent even. Burning and stripping away some of the pain, some of her lingering frustrations.

He slowed as she did, one hand cradling her head, lifting her chin higher to allow him to cover her mouth more easily. His tongue swept smoothly over her lips, hot breath flashing over her cheek and neck as his left hand cupped her ass and pulsed her against his groin slower and slower.

He eased away until her feet reluctantly hit the floor. Hope savoured the last touches of his mouth against hers, the smooth slide of their tongues as she withdrew, sucking in air. The final squeeze of his hand on her ass, the fleeting brush of her fingers escaping from his hair. Matt backed up, leaving her leaning on the wall for support.

His eyes were open wide, hands dropping to his chest as if checking to see if he was still in one piece.


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9 years ago

WOW! Oh I cant wait. I have it pre-ordered on my nook!

9 years ago

I’ve pre-ordered. Looking forward to opening my Kindle and bam there it is waiting to be read..

Diane A
Diane A
9 years ago

Oh my…..what a way to start the day – and I’ll get to start the day with it again on Tuesday since I preordered it!
Sounds like yet another great one in this series – and just to be a “martyr”, I purchased and reread the latest versions of the first two in the series….such a hardship (LMAO)!!

9 years ago

Yum! Yep, I pre-ordered too! You right it, we buy it Viv! :-)

Brenda Hyde
9 years ago

Well, damn. That was amazing. I can’t wait!

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