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Publishing News Update!

You might have noticed that some of my backlist aren’t available right now. Samhain Publishing, where a lot of my books were published, closed their doors as of March 1. The rights to the books have been returned to me, and I’m working to get them back up and ready for reading soon, but I’m also taking advantage of this time to do some fun things.
Some tasks have been quick. Like new covers (TURN IT UP and TURN IT ON) which we’ve already got available. I went through the books and cleaned them up a little, but those books are pretty much how they were originally published.
The next series that will be up again is Pacific Passion, and I’ll tell you more about that soon, but here’s the fun thing I really wanted to share.
I’m working on the Granite Lake Wolves now! This was the original series that many of my readers started with, and it’s been really exciting to read through the books and catch up with Robyn and Keil, and Missy and Tad, and the rest. And then I got to thinking about how to make the re-launch REALLY special, so here’s a peek at what you have to look forward to:
Revised and extended stories
New gorgeous covers
New vignettes for each book!

We’ll have more news for you ASAP, but hopefully the wolfies will be headed back your way by the end of April. And we’ll have something special for old readers and new readers.

Arwhooooo! Get ready for wolfies and enjoying light-hearted Northern adventures!
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