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Planning for the New Year

Goals for 2009

As I look forward and anticipate what’s going to happen this coming year I have to remember there are the things I can control and the things that I can’t.

So I’m setting goals based on what I can do. Although I’d love have a goal of publishing X number of books there’s no way I could make it happen. I can write the books, submit them, work on my craft so the stories get better and better and more likely to sell.

But unless I can figure out a way to get into the computers of the various publishers and send myself acceptance letters…

And I also know that it’s hard to set goals for an entire year and be realistic. I’ve got one year of writing under my belt now, so there’s something to compare to. However if I –do- sell more stories there will be more editing and publishing work, more promotional work…

So I’m setting the goals in general and then will revise as the year progresses to keep challenging myself. That’s why I set goals. To have something to aim at and push me to improve and keep moving.

1. Write/complete 5 stories. I’m basing this on finishing 6 stories last year from March to December, but I want to add a little time since I’m now blogging etc.

2. Submit at least one book / quarter. It’s easy to push in spurts and ideally if I do start selling regularly having spaced out release dates would be the best. Not that I’m counting chickens ahead of time, but planning in case. ?

3. Submit to at least three different publishers throughout the year. I love Samhain, but it would be good to have books with a couple publishers.

4. Submit to at least one print publisher, like Harlequin. The process is slightly different and another challenge to try.

5. Keep blogging regularly. It’s fun and keeping me on my toes. I’m planning on little change to make life easier for everyone. ?

That’s it for the start of goal planning. I need to think a little longer and then I’ll add more. Probably some craft goals. And the goal of making it to a couple of special events like the Lori Foster gathering…

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