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Thursday Things

What’s happening in terms of publishing:

Well you saw the pretty cover. :grin:

1. Finished Tidal Wave and it’s not going in the anthology. 37K by the end. Working on cleaning it up, writing the synopsis and getting ready to submit. I like the story and feel 8/10 on getting it accepted somewhere.

2. Got another rejection today. Yup, third ‘no’ on a story, and again it’s a ‘no…but’. Editor at Samhain offered a revise and resubmit for Wolf in Flight. As usual, she is right on the money with her comments and suggestions. Gag, I hate it AND love it when she’s right. I told her while I’d like a yes I’d prefer a good story in the end. It’s true, but I’m going to have to work hard on this revision. Back to the drawing board!!

3. I’m on the list for submitting a free story for Samhain for Valentines Day. They started this program over Christmas and it was a wonderful success. Authors write a story story and donate it to the readers so they can enjoy and try out the different writers styles. I’m working on that now and will be able to link it in Febraury! What a treat.

4. Gotta smile at this one. I’ve been invited to attend the Valentines Day dinner with the Alberta Romance Writers Association that I belong to. I’m a ‘guest speaker’ and get to share about my journey to being published. This is going to be especially fun because I’ll get to see Tammy Lyn again, who I really enjoyed meeting at the session in November.

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