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In Heat By Leigh Wyndfield
Samhain Publishers April 2008


A mating ritual as old as time could be the death of them both…

Jax’s yearly mating cycle couldn’t come at a more inconvenient time. He’s on the verge of ending seven years of exile and claiming his birthright, but for 24 hours he’ll be vulnerable to his enemies, alone and in agony—unless he can find a willing partner. He thinks he’s found the perfect solution in the beautiful slave Waverly. He’ll buy her at any price, and after it’s over, he’ll give her the one thing all slaves crave. Freedom.

But Waverly isn’t really a slave. She’s a transport pilot double crossed by Junkeaters and sold to a notorious gunrunner. Escape is the only thing on her mind—and she better disappear fast, before her own heat reaches a crescendo.

Before she can slip away, the overpowering need to mate crashes over them, the intensity taking them both by surprise. But the Inter-World Council is out to hang Jax for a crime he didn’t commit, Junkeaters are hot on their trail, and ruthless arms traders are gunning for them.

Their passion may burn hot enough to last a lifetime, but first they must survive.


Okay, we’ve got a hot male who is the victim of a double cross ready to head home plus a wild pilot who’s been double crossed herself. They’re both hitting the time that sex overwhelms their minds and now there’s bad guys knocking at the door…

What a hoot! Seriously, I bought the book because I like science fiction and I hadn’t seen much sci fi in the erotic realm that caught my eye like this one did. It was so much fun. Jax and Waverly are a great combination, there’s enough technology and gadgets to make it sci fi for me and there’s enough interpersonal happenings to let a relationship occur beyond the ritual mating impulse.

And it’s got one of my favourite scenes in recent history when Waverly talks to “the button” that tempted her to push it. If you’re not a button pusher, you may not understand but I’d love the book for that part alone!

It’s hot, it’s fun and it’s got a satisfying finish with the good guys winning. Well worth the read.

Available from Samhain Publishing

Each Monday I write about a book I own and enjoy, e-book or otherwise. Just one way to share the wonderful worlds friends have created!

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