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Tuesday Tidbits

Excerpt from Hidden Away

The sound level in the hall was a low rumble already, with children racing between the tables and families starting to settle into places at the long tables with full plates of food. Tyler pointed to a section of table toward one end and left Damien and her to claim it while he went to pick up drinks from the bar.

“Was I suppose to bring something tonight?” Jessi eyed the dishes lining the cloth-covered table at the side of the room. Her mouth watered again. “Shit, Damien, how can I be so damn hungry? I ate that sandwich you gave me in the truck and I swear I could still eat most of a cow by myself.”

Damien led her past the buffet to drop their coats on chairs to save them. “Don’t worry about it, honey. Can you trust me that it’s just a normal part of your metabolism revving up to werewolf levels? In fact, you’re going to have to eat a lot more than you used to if you don’t want your body fat to drop too low.”


He pulled her back now to stand with him in the line up. His voice was low as he leaned next to her ear. “My suggestion is go heavy on the meat, light on the sauces. Skip the bread, eat the veggies.”

Jessi laughed out loud. People around them smiled at her and continued serving themselves as she whispered back, “So was I supposed to bring a dish?”

He shook his head and scooped her up a thick slice of meatloaf. “It’s on some kind of rotation. Tyler and I BBQ’ed last time. Just enjoy.”

By the time they’d made it back to their table Tyler was there with their drinks. Jessi eyed hers with suspicion. What the hell did he get her?

“Where’s my rum and coke?”

“Sorry, sweetheart, you can have your choice of those two drinks.” Tyler walked away as Jessi’s blood began to heat.

“Damien? I’m sure I asked for a rum and coke. What the hell is with the…” she sniffed at one glass,”… soda water and lime shit? Or tomato juice.” Damien sat across from her and he had that silly grin on his face again. “Oh, hell. You’re not serious.”

“Were you planning on drinking if you were pregnant?”

“No, but—”

“Then relax. Dig in, the meatloafs pretty good. A little over cooked but still…” He batted his eyes at her and she had to smile back. He was like a big puppy dog right now, trying to keep her happy.

Tyler had said that Damien was his Beta, his second in command. He didn’t seem to be as strong as Tyler and Jessi wondered if Damien was really capable. Hell, it wasn’t her business to second-guess Tyler. She looked at him in the line up talking up some older ladies. He glanced over at her and she stuck out her tongue at him and then turned to her plate. The meatloaf did smell good.


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11 years ago

Is it ready to submit yet?
Come on, hurry up! I wanna read ALL of it. Oh, and the cowboys, don’t forget the cowboys.

11 years ago

Another great ‘tease’ Viv.

Write quicker my friend. I want the rest of the story.


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

December is the month to clean this one up and sub it.

Glad you’re enjoying it.

And , yes, the cowboys are almost ready to roll, rhian, you greedy girl!

11 years ago

I’s not greedy! I’m addicted! Have you read them? Cause, you know (fanning self), wow! Hot!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

LOL Rhian.

So I had to go check what I’d actually posted for the cowboys.

Dare I tell you that’s barely a simmer?


11 years ago

You’re such a tease!
I’ll just have to write my own cowboy story starring ME!!!! LOL
No really, my naughty cowboy has been out to play again. *sigh* Why now? Just when I had what I was gonna write for Nano all sorted out.
Oh, well, gotta go where Mr. Muse leads.

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