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It's Release Day for Three Weddings and a Baby!

I know this is a collection and not a full novel, but I ADORED writing another story for Lisa and Josiah, and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s a one hundred percent feel good, enjoy the smile on your face, adventure.

After this, we’ll be headed to the holidays and some other special announcements, but for today, take a break and fall into a continuing happily-ever-after.

Here’s a fun excerpt for you with Lisa heading over to Karen’s for a visit, and ending up with some quality time with a certain dog and a cat!


Lisa knocked on the door then let herself in. “Karen?”

No answer. She checked her phone to find a message.

Karen: Sorry. Had to run over to Tamara’s to grab something. Make yourself comfy. I’ll be right back.

Lisa didn’t bother to respond. She took her sister at her word, and after rummaging in the refrigerator to grab an iced tea, she settled on the couch next to where half the contents of a box was already spread over the coffee table.

Ollie jumped up beside her, followed immediately by the sweet white kitten by the name of Dandelion Fluff. Dandy and Ollie touched noses before the kitten firmly made his way into Lisa’s lap. He stretched for a moment, his little pink nose wiggling.

Lisa brushed two fingers down the back of his head. “Well, aren’t you cuddly today?”

Dandy curled up directly on top of her stomach, a small, round bundle of fluff. An instant later, Ollie had settled in as well, torso draped over Lisa’s thighs so she could rest her chin on the back of the cat and still crack open an eye every now and then to make sure her human wasn’t going anywhere.

Lisa snickered at discovering she was trapped. The coffee table was only a foot away, but there was no way to grab anything off it without disturbing the very relaxed creatures in her lap.

“Well, I suppose that’s one way to make me take some R & R.” Lisa eased her head back on the couch and took a deep breath. The peaceful quiet of Karen’s home surrounded her, with nothing but a grandfather clock ticking somewhere in the background.

Unbelievably, she must’ve fallen asleep, because the next thing she knew, Ollie had gone off again. For a well-behaved little dog, the creature had suddenly decided to exercise her vocal cords far more than Lisa thought appropriate.

Ollie’s bark went off in Dandy’s ear. The cat leapt skyward, an annoyed yowl escaping him. He landed on the floor, shooting to the side of the room as Ollie jumped off the couch as well, beelining instead for the front door, where Karen stood.

“Ollie. Be quiet.” Lisa attempted to blink herself awake.

Karen glowered at the barking dog as if she’d discovered a pile of poop instead of a pile of pup at her feet. “Every now and then I remember why I don’t usually like animals in the house.”

“Oh, stop it,” Lisa said with a laugh, crossing the room quickly. The instant she scooped up Ollie, the dog ceased her annoying new habit. “I have no idea what’s gotten into her.”

Dandy was perched on top of the nearest bookcase, and he hissed his disapproval at all the noise and upheaval.

Karen snickered. “Well, it seems as if the animal kingdom is out of sorts. Come on, we’ll grab them some treats and sweet talk them into loving us again.”

Re-visit the Heart Falls Happily-Ever-Afters to date.

Includes the short story:

Oh Baby!
A cute puppy, a wedding, and a baby. ← that’s it. That’s the blurb. Lol.

Also, three other weddings.



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