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Getting 'the' email

Of all the highlight moments in a writers career–well, of the ones I’ve experienced so far at least– the most heart pounding, spine tingling is getting the email.

The email.

The ‘I really enjoyed your story and would like to buy it’ email.

You’ve been waiting. Checking the silly in-box more times in a day than you want to admit. In fact, you’ve turned up the volume on the mail so that if you happen to step away for a short while you won’t miss the arrival of anything new and exciting.

Of course this means that you rush over to pop open all kinds of advertisements for weight loss programs and sales events from your local internet provider. Occasionally you get into a lull and just open things and then realize ‘OMG, there could be an email from publisher XYZ anytime now…’ Fanaticism has long reaching effects.

Finally, it’s there. Should you open it? Now that’s it’s finally arrived dare you open it? What if it’s a ‘no’. What if they wrote to tell you to never, ever, submit anything to them again and you’re being put on the ‘Spam’ list?


So, why am I writing about emails? Did I get one? Nope, not me. Not yet.

My good friend and CP, Rhian Cahill is still flying like a helium balloon at selling her first story, One Night in Bangkok. It’s a steamy, sexy, sweaty romp and very, very good. I’m so excited for her and I’m learning a lesson even as I celebrate with her.

I’ve realized again that it’s very worthwhile to continue to submit manuscripts all over. Make revisions. And understand that a no from one publisher has little to do with the merit of the story and perhaps more to do with what that particular publisher/editor needs at the time.

Yeah, Rhian and congrads on your first sale. Here’s to many, many more.

And me? I’ll go back to watching my inbox for a while.


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11 years ago

Yep, two days later and still on a high.
So, got mail?

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