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One of the challenges I’ve been facing since starting writing is dealing with deadlines. Real or imaginary.

I think the real ones are easier to handle.

The first story I submitted was for a deadline. I wrote, and revised (sort of) and edited until the day arrived and then I sent the manuscript in and waited. There was no more time left to attempt to make any further changes. The deadline forced my hand.

Right now I have no deadlines except the ones in my head. I will have deadlines to submit edits on Tidal Wave when they start in a couple of weeks, but since the last time I was given three weeks and I took four days…I’m not too worried!

No, it’s the imaginary deadlines that are driving me now. My goal of submitting at least one manuscript each quarter has been met for Jan-March. I resubmitted Rocky Mountain Heat today giving me three stories in submission, again.

But there are things to do still. Revisions on another story. A couple of stories needing 10-20K to finish. I want to do them all, right now! That is my driving burden now, the need to see what happens next, to be able to read words that flow from the page into images and sounds of adventure.

Being a writer is turning out to be a new form of obsession, but an awfully amusing one!!

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