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Fans and Favorites- #2


Time to keep the party going! I loved getting emails from readers, BTW–and while there were a lot of people who loved Robyn and TJ, I found it neat that just about every character got some loving from readers.

Diane said:
My favourite story/character so far?  The first one, Wolf Signs – I thought is was an interesting idea of having a heroine that was deaf, yet still a wolf! I also really liked the characters and how the story played out. However, I have loved TJ all through the series so his story may take over as my fave once it comes out!

Louise said:
Yes, I’m definitely a fan of GLW!!  I love the depth of the characters.  Robyn’s strength in Wolf Signs was very inspiring.  I loved how the mate bond allows Robyn to hear Keil in her head.  Awesome! Tad and Missy’s story in Wolf Flight was an awesome story of sacrifice and destiny. I loved the idea of the different packs competing in Wolf Games.
I love how the characters all have to overcome something and come out stronger.  And who doesn’t love strong female leads and gorgeous wolf shifter men! Yum.


And now…it’s time to meet a special blogger: Larrisa. She contacted me back when Wolf Games was getting close to release, and together we held a ‘Wolfie Weekend’. Since then she’s moved from Israel back to Brazil, and her blog has exploded with followers, topping over 1200 followers.

1. If you were packing for an extended trip, what three comfort reads would you take along?

I would take Jeri Smith-Ready’s Aspect of Crow series.

2. What’s your favorite snack to enjoy while reading?

hmmmm I can eat anything while reading, but my favorite is just a huge glass of Coke Zero on Ice.

3. Ebooks or paper, or both? What percent of each?

Both, I tend to read a lot on my laptop, specially since getting access to print books in English is hard in a country where Portuguese is the language spoken. However, I go order books from Amazon and Book Depo and now I have a Kindle, so I will be getting many more ebooks as well.

4. If you could go anywhere for a holiday, where would you go?

I want to go to London next.


You can check out Larissa’s Bookish Life here and follow her at twitter. She’s always got something happening!

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