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Fans and Favorites- #1


With the official release of Wolf Tracks today, the party swings into full gear. First- messages from a couple of fans (who have received a copy of Wolf Tracks and a set of signed cover flats) and then onto  some fabulous Bloggers. Sit back and enjoy the party!

Emma said:
I enjoy the GW books as the heroes/heroines seem very real and all have believable issues to work through.  They don’t have to face insurmountable odds that miraculously disappear but real problems that can be solved with determination and strong will. Really looking forward to TJ finding a mate 🙂

Kandace said:
I have to say that Wolf Signs is my favorite book mostly because it was the first one I read and was blown away by it. It was the one that got me hooked. The others after it have been awesome! as well. I love how Mrs. Arend makes the connection between mates so strong you can picture it. These books were like a movie playing in my head and I just couldn’t put them down. I just can’t wait to read the next one. I have been wondering what would happen to the clumsy T.J.

Thank you  😀

And now…it’s time to meet a special blogger: Pearl’s World of Romance

Pearl is one of those neat people you meet a little shyly at first, and then find yourself hugging and laughing with like best buds. I approached her back before Turn It On released- looking for some new bloggers to try my contemporary writing. Since that time, Pearl’s World of Romance has blossomed into a wonderful review site, and she’s sharing her thoughts about contemporary and paranormal stories with all of us. Get to know her a little better:

1. If you were packing for an extended trip, what three comfort reads would you take along?

Three?  Only three, Viv? Seriously? I have an e-reader you know? And an ebook library with hundreds of ebooks and an iPhone loaded with over 200 ebooks…so only three is not necessary as long as I bring my chargers  and there’s electricity wherever the destination of said extended trip is. Why are you making me choose between my favorites? Why? (Is the drama queen in me coming out of hiding here?) I don’t like to choose, I want it all 😉 But I’ll be a good sport and play along and narrow it down to three:
1. If You Deceive by Kresley Cole
2. Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon
3. Skin Tight by Ava Gray

2. What’s your favorite snack to enjoy while reading?

Snack? What snack? I’m on a diet woman, since February so no snacks for me but I’ve always loved to have something to drink close by while reading. Either a cup of hot, mint tea (when it’s cold) or a glass of ice-cold diet cola (when it’s hot).And don’t you know that if you snack while reading you might get your book dirty? *gasp* Oh wait, no such problem with ebooks as I can wipe the e-reader clean…hmmm the possibilities…oh wait, I’m on a diet!

3. Ebooks or paper, or both? What percent of each?

Though paper will always be my first love (and anyone should doubt this they only need to take a look at my bookcases), since a few years I’ve fallen madly in love with ebooks because they have given me the opportunity to discover and enjoy some awesome authors (yes Viv, you are definitely one of them) I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to read and enjoy. It’s so bad that at the moment, on a self-imposed book-budget, my ebook-buying behavior hasn’t changed much while I’ve diminished my paper book-buying drastically. What percent of each? You want me to go do math? Please don’t make me do that…I hate math…But if I were to take a guess I think the ratio paper vs ebook would be about 60/40

4. If you could go anywhere for a holiday, where would you go?

First of the USA. I went to L.A. this year and set foot on US soil for the first time of my life but there are so many more places in the US I’d love to visit. Let’s hope the self-imposed book-budget will save me enough to go to NYC next year! But I’d also love to visit Australia and it’s surroundings one day too and some countries in Asia (China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on…)


I hope you enjoyed an intro to a very neat lady. Pearl’s World of Romance is here to check out. I hope you add her to your list of people to visit for the latest about new releases.

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10 years ago

I’m one of the lucky readers who won a copy of Wolf Tracks and let me tell you, it rocked! Vivian sent it to me on Sunday and I finished it on Monday morning and then re-read it on Monday afternoon! The story was different and fun. It was great to see TJ grow and blossom and to see the what the three couples from the previous book were doing. I especially loved Keil and Robyn’s notes when they were searching for TJ and Pam. It’s rare for me to laugh out loud when reading but this book had me doing that a lot. Thanks Vivian for another hot, fun, fabulous, feisty, (did I already mention hot)? read!! Looking forward to Shaun’s story next. Bring on the wolves!

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