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Fans and Favorites- #3

Welcome back! You know the routine- here’s a couple of comments from fans, and today’s blogger I’m featuring.
Nancy said:
I have to admit I am a GLW groupie. I fell in love with them in Wolf Signs, and they just keep getting better with each book. TJ is a special favorite of mine. He reminds me of that big overgrown puppy your neighbor has: cute and clumsy but with the promise of grace and beauty just under it all. I love the romance, the humor and, yes, the hot factor in each of these books. Hats off to Viv for creating such a marvelous series. Thank you Viv for many pleasant hours with the wolfies!
Heather said:
I am a big fan of Granite Lake Wolves. I have always loved wolves. So what’s better than hot guys who turn into wolves. Nothing can get better than that. Especially having a romance with a werewolf. When I read books I like to be able to picture myself into the books. Not all books allow you to do that. Granite Lake Wolves gives you that chance with the romance of a life time. My favorite heroine would have to be Maggie. I love how she conquered her fear of wolves to help out her pack.
Blogger time!
Book Faery stumbled into my life 4 months ago, and I’ve had such fun watching her site grow. She held a HUGE extravagant ‘Battle of the Sexies’ this summer, and I was so impressed with her organization and upbeat approach to all the work. And she’s an aspiring writer as well! Come and meet Tori (she’s @Book_Faery on twitter) and then hop over to her site!
1. If you were packing for an extended trip, what three comfort reads would you take along?

This is an impossible question because I have so many favorites!  I would definitely take Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole because that is my all-time favorite book.  Ever.  As for the other two?  Probably Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop and Siren by Tricia Rayburn

2. What’s your favorite snack to enjoy while reading?

I actually don’t eat when I read.  When I’m holding a book, it’s with two hands, and then with my Kindle… well, I haven’t used it enough to eat with it yet.  I do enjoy Twizzlers when I write, though!

3. Ebooks or paper, or both? What percent of each?

Both!  Paperbacks for my favorite authors, ebooks for newer authors (unless the ebook/PB are the same price, then I buy print)

4. If you could go anywhere for a holiday, where would you go?

Italy.  I’ve been dying to go for a visit, it looks so beautiful!  Plus, I’m an Italian.  Scotland/Australia work too… for the accents ;)


Man, I love the accents too! Deal, it’s a trip sometime. ;)

Where would YOU like to visit someday? Leave me a note, and then head over to Bookfaery’s for a peek, and thanks for helping me celebrate Wolf Tracks release!

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9 years ago

Scotland would be awesome. All the history. I would also love to visit Norway I have so much family and history in that country I would love to just soak it all in.

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