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Book Feature: Rocky Mountain Devil

With the release of ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME in just a week or two, it’s time to start getting ready for Jesse’s story! Every week or so, I’ll be featuring a past Six Pack Ranch book that featured Jesse that you might want to read before the release of ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME. Today, ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL.

The sweetest part of temptation is giving in…

Raphael (Angel) Coleman and Laurel Sitko were thick as thieves throughout their school years. The unlikely friendship between the rancher’s son and the preacher’s daughter might have gone unnoticed by most, but their shared laughter and connection were the best parts of Rafe’s life growing up. Now that she’s returned to Rocky, he’s eager to move from friend to something far more intimate.

After three years away, Laurel’s ready to start over with the gorgeous cowboy who’s always owned a piece of her heart. But when her college ex shows up in town, she’s got a lot more to deal with than expected, including one suddenly possessive cowboy determined to protect her even as he tutors her through every sexual lesson in the book.

Desire flares hotter and hotter through stolen moments and willing seduction. But when tragedy strikes, Rafe’s left on shaky ground, his biggest fear now a reality that could tear them apart and rip forever from their grasp.

Will the connection forged by time be strong enough to see them through to the other side?

Warning: Friends to lovers equals sweet kisses heating to earth-shaking passion, mixed with laughter and tears. Get ready for hellos, farewells and goodbyes…some forever. Because everyone knows the only real secrets in a small town are the ones you’re willing to take to the grave.


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A loud whistle drew their attention across the creek where a group of three horses broke clear of the trees. Their cousins Karen, Lisa and Jesse waved, pulling to a stop on the opposite bank.

Gabe and Rafe forded the creek at the shallowest part, joining the group on the other side. The horses settled next to each other with soft nickers and head tosses.

“You running trail rides on our land now?” Rafe asked Karen. She’d been using the Whiskey Creek horses in a camp in the Rockies for the past couple of years.

“Once you crossed Whiskey Creek you hit our land, but now that you mention it—” Karen winked. “Are you offering to be trail cook if I do?”

Rafe shrugged. “Better me than Jesse. I at least know the major food groups.”

“Beer, beans, steak and tequila,” Jesse drawled, lounging lazily in the saddle, his smile wide.

“Good breakfast menu—what’s for lunch?” Rafe taunted.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Rafe made a rude noise. “Yeah, that explains so much about you.”

“Why I’m so awesome and worshipped by all I meet?”

“I was thinking about the smell.” Rafe leaned forward and sniffed. “Yeah. Explains so much…”

“Jerk,” Jesse offered with a grin.




Karen rolled her eyes. She pulled a wallet from her back pocket and handed over a twenty to her smirking sister.

Gabe snorted in amusement. “What was the bet?”

Lisa put the money away. “That the children here would end up exchanging single-word insults within five minutes of seeing each other.”

“Children? I’m older than you,” Jesse complained.

“And it’s oh-so-obvious by your behaviour, isn’t it?” Lisa teased. “You guys are too predictable.”

Karen turned to Rafe. “We missed having you around this summer. Did you enjoy seeing more of Canada?”

“Back dirt roads and cheap motels,” Jesse offered. “Yeah, I’m sure he hit all the bright lights of our great country.”

Rafe ignored Jesse though his cousin wasn’t far off the mark. “I had a good time, but I’m glad to be back.”

“I bet he spent his summer sleeping in cheesy hotels watching lots of bad late-night cable.” Jesse leaned in slightly. “How’s your love life, cuz?”

Now that was a taunt Rafe could deal with. He offered an ear-to-ear grin. “Just fine, and about to get a whole lot better. What about you? Anyone left within a three-hour radius of Rocky willing to date you?”


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