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I shouldn’t write a blog post when I’m running a fever. Oh well. 😀

What does ‘bestselling’ mean? I see it on the signature lines of people and it always make me hesitate. Sometimes because I have to stop and go “Oh COOOOL, that is so awesome.” or “Oh yeah, I can totally see that”. But sometimes I stop and simply go…”??”

I know making the New York Times list is based on XYZ, not all of which means a book is actually any damn good. If a writer is a powerful enough public force, they could potentially make the list simply because enough people buy their book within the proper time frame for it to count. You know what? They still deserve to call themselves a best seller. Anyone who can make that many people move can claim any title they want.

But…if I’ve never heard of you, and googling your name reveals you are published with a vanity or independent press. If further investigation shows your book to be sitting at 34,000 ranking at Amazon, I really don’t think you should be pasting a ‘bestselling’ label on yourself. I know, that’s very narrow-minded of me, but I’m Canadian. I think it’s rude and like a slap on the face to those people who ARE bestsellers.

I’ve had books ranked #1 at smaller book-sellers like MB&M, All Romance ebooks, Books on Board and Fictionwise. Wolf Games is still sitting at #2 for overall best sales for the past six months at Fictionwise. When Wolf Signs was a freebie at Amazon, book two, Wolf Flight hit the top ten section of the paid books.

Am I selling books? Yes, ma’am. Am I a bestselling author? Not as a label I should add to my name. Because it’s not a title to be taken but one to be granted by others. I might tell you the Granite Lake Wolves are MY best selling series. Or even that they are best sellers, because that’s true. But to say I’m  bestselling Canadian author Vivian Arend? Nope. Not yet.

Although I hope to be someday. And if I do get there, the label will feel all the better for having it in it’s ‘pure’ form.

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Maria D.
Maria D.
10 years ago

Sorry to hear about the fever….yeah sometimes that “Best Selling” thing on a book is enough temptation to cause me to buy a book but not that often…there are plenty of best selling author’s whose work I’ve tried and hated 🙂 and then some lesser known authors (like you) whose work has put a smile on my face and made me happy that I took the risk …someday I hope you can put “Best Selling Canadian Author” on your books and be proud of doing it.

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