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Works in Progress

Time for an update and motivation session. Current projects-

First on the list: Wolf Flight: completing revisions on Tad and Missy’s story.

Stories that are started or completed and needing editing:

Hidden Away
Jessi never knew she was a werewolf until she got put into protective custody. Very protected custody!

Wild Card
The new paranormal abilities Susan have developed are a danger to everyone, but Kyle and Kevin are determined to help her learn the ropes.

Fae Visions
Tina falls through a rabbit hole into the land of Fae with a reluctant techno genius prince of the realm. Too bad technology likes her.

Maxine Turner is having security troubles with the home she inherited. Sam is not only an expert in the field, he’s also easy on the eyes.

Yukon Quest
A wilderness guide helps out an old friend leading a group of retirees along the historic Yukon Goldrush trail. But not everyone is an innocent as they seem, especially not the grandson along for the ride. (This one is really -hot- so far…)

Other stories in waiting, not started but the ideas are there:

FlashFlood: A time travel to alternate earth. I’m thinking I’ll write this when we go on vacation down to Utah and visit Mesa Verde. Still deciding if the shifters will be cats or go total fantasy and have them dragon shifters. Opinions? Which would you like better?

Book Two in Forces of Nature: Undercurrents. Second in the water shifter series. A newcomer to Jaffrey’s Cove is snooping into rumors of the existence of merfolk.

Book Two in Six Pack Ranch: Rocky Mountain High. This is Daniel’s story with the arrival of the new high school teacher to town.

Book Three in the Granite Lake Wolves: Wolf Run. My hubby came up with this one. They’re going to get involved in the Yukon Quest dogsled race. No, not TJ’s story. Yet!

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11 years ago

Well the first one is out of the way. Get a move on. Where are we headed next?

Jess Dee
Jess Dee
11 years ago

Hmm – is that all?
Not very much now, is it?

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