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Art request forms- heaven or hell?

stock photo : female legs with grey jeans pulled down over fancy golden cowboy boots

I can hardly complain about having to fill out an art request form, now can I?

It means I sold a story, right? But you see, even though I have pictures in my head screaming to be let out, art request forms make me shiver. Not the good way either. What if I describe something wrong? What if I give them a picture and set the artists off on a whole wrong tangent and end up with a cover that is ‘nice’.

You know what ‘nice’ means. right?

Heck, my trouble isn’t the art department. It’s ME I have issues with. So I’m looking at the pictures online at the photo shops, and seeing lovely things, but can I decide what’s safe to hand over?

Nope. I think I may have to use the ‘close eyes and hit send button’ method on this one.

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