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Working on...

The to-do list:

Polishing/ editing / writers life etc:
1st round edits of Wolf Games (out in March)
blurb forms etc for Stormchild (out in May)
blog posts for Samhain, here and International Heat for next couple of weeks

-Rocky Mountain Heat
-secret project ;)
– next Wolfie book, Wolf Tracks

-organzie the shoe closet/under the stairs and the guest room
-set up my workout schedule and stick to it.

Yeah, the usual… so what’s on your to-do list these days? Anything exciting? (Like you wanna come help me organize the shoes? LOL!)

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Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland
11 years ago

My to-do list is quite short right now. Visit mom in hospital, find a way to take her the milk shake she wants and keep it from melting, write some terrifc book reviews, read therest of my review books and get a bit of rest. And bug Viv for more TJ bits.

11 years ago

We have spent the last 6 weeks sharing sickies at my house so you can imagine how much I have to do and I don’t want to!!! Fingers crossed we are over all of it! So besides a ton of laundry and dust bunnies who I’m sure will attack me if try to clear them out, I need to catch up on reading! I think bugging Viv for more TJ is an awesome idea!! :)

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