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Snippet Saturday- Weapons


Welcome to the day of weaponry–and I have a twist for you.

Unedited snippet from-  The Wind and the Sun coming in May from Total-E-Bound


The Wind and the Sun were disputing.


It was a constant battle. They had begun while still youngsters because it was tradition for their families to feud about everything.

The argument returned again to the original contest of strength the Sun had won. Well, strictly speaking, it was the current Sun’s Grandfather who beat the current Wind’s Grandmother, the position being inherited…


“You can’t possibly think the record should still stand. When you read the stories it’s very clear your Grandfather cheated.”

“Cheated? Pop-pop? I don’t think so. You’ve just got a bad case of fable envy and that’s why you insist on reading conspiracy theories and convoluted twists into the very clear records.” Sunshine flashed a smile at Zephyr as she flipped her long blonde curls over one shoulder. She leaned back in her recliner and took another sip of her Serengeti Smoothie. Her long tanned legs stretched in front of her, glistening from the thin layer of baby oil she’d applied minutes ago. She wore her favorite pale apricot sundress. It not only fit her extremely well but she’d once seen Zephyr walk into a pole when she walked past him wearing this particular dress.

He was fun to tease.

Sunshine flicked another glance at him. He towered over her, his feet spread wide as he glared at her. He ruined the total domination look by shifting to the side with an uneasy hitch to reduce his discomfort as his jeans visibly tightened.

Score One.

She reached over and replaced her drink on the small table beside her chair, being careful to lean as far as possible to the other side before she released the glass. The move should make her dress ride up another few inches, perhaps give him a flash of her pale yellow lace panties.

Except, oops, she wore a thong. It wasn’t possible to flash panties, just cheeks. Oh well.

With a slow and deliberate motion Sunshine sat back and grasped the bottom of her skirt. She gave a couple of tugs to wiggle it into place then with a casual glance, looked back up. She started at his toes and by the time she’d reached his crotch she knew she’d been successful.

Score Two.

The jeans had gotten tighter than before. Poor boy. He really was so much fun to tease. It was her absolutely favorite pastime.

“Why don’t you sit, Zephyr, you’re giving me a headache twisting my neck looking at you. Sit or go away.” Sunshine lifted her arms to place her hands behind her head, elbows wide, closed her eyes and pretended to relax. She took a deep breath and sighed in contentment.

Of course she knew deep breathing while her arms were raised produced a nice swell of her bosom to the top of the already low cut neckline, but that was a mere coincidence.

It was hard not to let a little smirk show on her face. Hmm, let’s see. Three points?

There was a rattle as Zephyr dragged a chair next to her. A soft rustling noise followed and she caught herself before she opened her eyes to see what he was doing.

She didn’t care except she liked to make sure he suffered torments of all sorts. It was a matter of pride to make the mighty Wind family suffer. They were the most annoying, the most irritating of all the families. Her mother, Dazzle, told her the secret was to find the proper way to torment them. Mom had a running battle pitched with Zephyr’s Mom that involved showing up in public places wearing the same outfit Mistral just purchased. Of course Dazzle would manage to wear the outfit a couple days before Mistral made an appearance. The constant media coverage all pointed out the obvious copycat tendencies of the Wind Family in their attempts to reflect a little in the glow of the Bright Family’s exquisite taste.

Since Zephyr had little interest in a clothes competition Sunshine had tried for years to come up with an appropriate method of sparring. The ‘heat up the bike seat’ trick and the ‘melting ice cream into puddles’ trick gained little more than rolled eyes.

She’d begun to despair of being able to maintain the family pride until they became teenagers. That’s when Sunshine discovered she suddenly had the ultimate battle weapon.

Her hips.

Backup artillery, other portions of her anatomy.

Zephyr was now so outclassed in the competition Sunshine almost felt sorry for him at times. But only ‘at times’ and only ‘almost’, because, damn, it was good to be the Queen of the Hill.

The rustling sound stopped and there was the flick of a bottle opening beside her. She smiled. She had him drinking his sorrows away.

Score four, but who was counting?


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