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Tuesday Tidbits

From Wolf in Flight Vivian Arend 2008

The food arrived and they fell silent for a minute. Tad was suddenly ravenous and had to stop himself from inhaling the entire burger at one go. When he checked to see how Missy was fairing he was shocked to see she’d been holding her own in demolishing the mountain of food on her plate. She paused in mid chew and caught his eye.

“Oops. You going to report me to the etiquette police for behavior unbecoming to a lady?”

Missy giggled and popped the final bite of bun into her mouth.

Tad goggled at her and then smiled. “Heck no, I’m going to set you up in a contest against my partner, Shaun. He can pack it away but I think I could win a pretty big wager if you can do this again sometime.”

Tad reached for her hand to give it a squeeze. The touch of skin on skin was like grabbing a live wire; energy flowed from her into his hand sending small shocks all the way up his arm. He dropped his fingers away quickly. “Shoot. The static electricity is crazy in here.

Missy’s face wore the strangest expression. She held a hand to Tad. “Try again.”

Tad hesitated and then reached out. This time the energy didn’t snap but he still felt it, a low buzz of tingles spreading over him. It felt good.

Really good.

Too good. Tad pulled back before parts of his anatomy he didn’t want to wake heard the alarm ringing through him. “What’s that all about?” he asked.

Missy shook her head. “I’m not sure. Probably something like you said about static electricity. Some people are better conductors than others.”

“Weird.” Tad played with the fries on his plate to have something to do with his hands. His whole body was hot and he had the strange desire to pick Missy up bodily and carry her back to his apartment and ravish her for the next five days.

Well, okay, it wasn’t completely strange since she was pretty easy on the eyes but he’d never had an instant attack of the hormone kind like this before.

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11 years ago

Oh, yum!
At the risk of repeating myself…

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Within the week, you got it!

11 years ago

I’m getting more!!!
You’re serious, right?

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