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Thursday Things

Four things today.

1. Hollow pit in the middle of my stomach- I submitted Rocky Mountain Heat yesterday. Thank you everyone who read it and helped me make the story better especially Jess, Rhian and Sandie who sent me copious amounts of notes.

I like notes. :)

Today I’m forcing myself to NOT open the documents and scrutinize them for mistakes. I know the manuscripts won’t be perfect but I’m just hoping there’s no glaring oopsies.

So now I get to hang for 34 more days to hear yeah or nay. I’m so pathetic! Waiting is so tough.

2. I’ve fallen in love with ‘Track Changes’ on Word!

Editing through Wolf in Flight right now and I’m keeping the tracking up for interest sake. Seeing how many little things change on a page as I go through my check list of danger words is very entertaining.

Then I ‘saved’ the project as a new name and accepted the changes to get a clean copy to work over. This round of edits is now flowing so much better but there’s STILL some red on every page.

The story is getting better with tighter writing. I know once it goes out to readers it will be another round of edits and another sea of red, but I’m enjoying the process.

3. Rhian, you and I need to have a serious discussion about how to knock out my Muse. You HAD to remind me about the shifter call for March. You HAD to suggest that we had to start writing soon to make the deadline.

I had already figured I shouldn’t even start a new story when…guess what happened last night? Hero and heroine show up in my head and start explaining the first two scenes to me. (Plus the motivation for them both, just for you, Jess.)


4. Side tidbit. I figured out that from start to finish, that is the opening of the first page and beginning to write the first draft to submitting yesterday, Rocky Mountain Heat took 72 days.

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11 years ago

Yay! RMH is gone!!! Crossing fingers. I love track changes! No if I can just work out how to use it right…. Oh, oh. Mr. Muse has been naughty again corrupting other. I, though, have nooo idea what you’re talking about. Nope, no deadline mentioning from me. *staightens halo* Now look at that. #4 cancels out #3 so what are you worried about. You can pull the shifter story off by the deadline that I didn’t mention. RC P.S. I can’t wait to get the wolves.Do you want to hear about the scene that played in my head all night?… Read more »

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Naughty girl.

Do I want to hear the scene? NO.

Because if you tell yours then MY muse is going to want to come out and play and I’m not going there.



11 years ago

Okay, I’ll keep him quiet. But it’s gonna take a whole roll of duct tape! I swear the man was Houdini in another life. He can get out of anything.

Tag! You’re it!
I tagged you but it’s a good tag. Go check out my blog to see what I’m talking about.


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago


Now how are you going to get the wolves when you do things like that?

XOXOX babe! Glad to have found you too!

11 years ago

ROFLOL at myself. Viv, I responded to this but ended up posting it on Mondays(11/25) blog. LOL
Obviously the head & chest cold is still messing with me. So just read ahead and laugh with me.


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