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Tuesday Tidbits

From my Nano- Future Shock

Kyle dropped his head to her neck and licked along the delicate lines of her collarbone. His kisses fell soft on her skin, igniting small fires every few inches that shot through her, meeting in her core, bringing moisture to her already wet and needy body. Her panties were soaking wet, a trace of liquid painting the side of her thighs every time Kyle moved her. His teeth rasped over her nipple under the lace of her bra and she sucked in air. The tension of her body grew higher.

She dropped her head to watch as Kyle folded back the cups of her bra to expose her to his gaze. His expression was melting hot, the motion of his hands soft and worshipful. His tongue flicked out and she felt it like he’d touched her.

He gaze swung upward. “You want something in particular you gotta ask for it. Otherwise I’m taking a slow trip to paradise.”

Sue closed her eyes and just felt. Felt his mouth close over her nipple, Felt the sharp tug from her breast to her womb as Kyle began suckling. His tongue rasped over her skin, he blew cool air over her. He rolled the nipple of the breast he wasn’t kissing. All the sensations driving her higher, her head growing light and dizzy. She held his head in her hands, keeping him tight to her breast, letting a little of the heat that had built slip into him. He pressed his head hard into the soft skin of her breasts, burying his face between them. He shook, dragging quick breaths into his lungs, before looking up at her. His face red, eyes dark.

“You are making it really tough to go slow, sweetie.”

Susan frowned. “Did I do it wrong?” She slid her fingers through his spiky hair, rumpling the soft strands further.

“Oh no, you did it exactly right. Did I say rocket flares? We might have a solar explosion building if that’s a taste of you sharing heat when you’re only simmering.”

She smiled. “I’m at more than a simmer now, and you know it.” She tugged on his hair, dragging him back to her breasts.

Damn, it felt good.

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12 years ago

Coming along well.
Did you get all those words typed in the computer yet?

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

6K? Are you kinding, my dear?

I’m just trying to stay ahead of the rollaercoaster. I’m planning to enter about 500 a day when my brain shuts down and can’t make up any more of the story.

Except so far it hasn’t happened…


12 years ago

I’m almost finished putting my words in. A couple of pages to go then I can start on the next scene. I know I should just go on with it but I’m finding I need to put this in first. Damn bloody characters refusing to talk until I’ve got the file up to speed!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

That sucks.

I put in about 1K last night after I finished writing.

It looks better to see the missing parts but I’m still moving forward. Need to get the story happening, you know!

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