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Thursday Things

Enroute to Publication:

-finished edits, It took three run thrus in the end. The first took the most time since there were structural changes to the story.

Second round let us see more of the oopsies in making sentences sharper, tighter and less fussy areas.

The third round there were maybe a dozen things to fix.

The the Final Line Editor took over. She caught things like I hadn’t mentioned the hero’s profession until page 65, even though it’s mentioned in the blurb. Well, shoot, ‘I’ knew he was a wilderness guide. Can’t people read my mind? :wink: It was fun to see another person step in a make comments on the story. She even added a ‘ROTFLMAO’ comment. That’s a good thing since it supposed to be funny. I didn’t agree with everything she pointed out but I’m glad she pointed them out becasue it let me think if I meant to do the ‘error’.

For example, I use the phrase ‘full blood’ to refer to the wolves at one point. Correct grammer would be full blooded but that’s not what I imagined them to say. So I was clear which way I choose to go with it.

She also made some nice comments on the storyline and characters and the fact this was book one. Goodie!~

So edits are done.

Excerpt for back of books is picked out (thank you Sandie!!) and an excerpt will be up on the Samhain ‘Coming soon’ page within the week.

I think the last thing I’m waiting on is the cover.

I’m slowly getting everything together I need to submit Rocky Mountain Heat. I’m having a major problem with the blurb for some silly reason! After this weekend I hope to finalize everythign and submit by the 20th. Things are looking good so far…

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Jess Dee
Jess Dee
11 years ago

Wahoo, The hard part is over. Now it’s just the fun bit: getting your cover. Cannot wait to see it.

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

I know, I’m on pins and needles since there are a lot of people that the cover makes such a difference to.

But I love the Samhain covers, so it’s just that I’m eager.

LOL! They did have the book up on the ‘Coming Soon’ pages a couple weeks ago and have since taken it down. It was the only book listed in March when they barely had the Feb list up.

So ‘eager’ fits in so many ways!!

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