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Tuesday Tidbit

Wow- I’m at a computer for 5 minutes, and it’s Tuesday!!

So…a tidbit from Yukon Quest.


“Leanne, I’d like you to meet Mitch. He’s in town to do some training for the firm, getting our computers up to speed.”

Mitch rose and took her hand. His fingers were hot on her skin and Leanne smiled as she squeezed back. “Nice to meet you. Are you in town for long?”

His dark eyes twinkled. “Long enough. Care to dance?”

God, he was a fast worker. Hopefully not too fast in bed. “Love to.” She let him lead her onto the floor and pull her close. “Are you going to be in trouble deserting you buddies before you’ve even ordered a drink?”

“They know what I want.” His smile flashed. “That’s why they introduced us.”

Oh hell, he was a smooth one. Leanne felt her panties getting wet as he pulled her closer against him, his body rubbing close and personal in all the right spots. His hardness nestled into her belly as he swung her around a corner and she let her breasts brush over his chest, her fingers sliding up to nestle in the crisp hair at the back of his neck.

“You say that like I’m on the menu or something.” She tried to speak in her ordinary voice but it came out husky and deep, a sexy bedroom voice. Her body was taking over control and her brain was retreating for the night.

So be it.

Mitch smiled down at her. “You may not be on the menu, but I am. Damn, I didn’t come here with the intent of meeting anyone but I’m not planning on leaving without you. You’ve done something to me, Leanne. Is it a part of the magic of the north?”

Leanne licked her lips and settled more comfortably in his arms. “There’s magic here alright, but I’ve never had it hit like this before.” She debated pushing back a bit. If they got any closer they’d be making love on the dance floor in front of everyone.

The song faded and Mitch pulled her under his arm, nestling her tight to his side as he led her back to his table and the men waiting there. Leanne felt uncomfortable for a moment until she saw that a couple of her friends had introduced themselves and were making themselves at home with the lawyers. With six at the table it was crowded and the conversation slow as each of the couple found more to discuss with each other than with the group. The others got up to dance and Leanne found herself alone at the table with Mitch, his fingers linked through hers, their bodies close in the extreme corner of the room.

Mitch trailed his hand over her thigh and Leanne let out a long slow breath. He had the moves, this one. They watched the dance floor and sipped on their drinks and all the while Mitch’s fingers traced circles on her leg, higher and higher, closer to her now sopping wet crotch. They had the body chemistry part down pat.

Leanne leant into him. “You need to stay and head home with Kyle?”

He shook his head, his smile dark as he stared at her mouth like he was planning how to eat her up in one bite.

Leanne hesitated. She didn’t usually do one-night stands, but it was for a good cause. Her sanity. It had been far too long and she needed a piece of the solid hunk of man that sat next to her.

“Can I get you back to your hotel? she asked.

Mitch leant closer. His lips mere inches from hers. “I thought you’d never ask.” His breath was hot over her cheek and she felt her body flush. She might not know where this was going but she was ready for the ride.

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