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Tuesday Tidbit

Okay, it’s not Tuesday, but I have internet for a minute, so here’s a tidbit. A bit more of this story will be up at International Heat in a weeks time on our new Friday Eve Snippets. All the authors from International Heat– there’s six of us- will be posting scene each week. This past week it was Mari Carr and the shifters we dared her to write. So be sure to check that site out as well.

Tidbit from Soul Deep by Vivian Arend 2009


If she got excited during the lecture today Dylan swore he would storm the steps, whip her out of her seat and take her in front of the entire class. He’d known he would have to move cautiously while in the human world. He owned a home on the Isle of Skye and another on a small island in the Mediterranean. He had spent centuries living as an everyday mortal. Still, the six months it took to arrange for him to teach this class had brought him to a breaking point and it was now or never. Rachel haunted his dreams. Left him hot and aching, taking matters into his own hands and even that didn’t satisfy him. He wanted her body, but more than that, he wanted her. She was the one he longed for and the need to wipe the final darkness from her eyes could no longer be repressed.

Today. He began the assault in earnest today.

“I’d like you to head to section twelve. We’re going to start our discussions on the sea and its legends. If you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean you’ve received an exposure to a few of the more familiar stories and couple of the lesser known but as always there are layers the movie makers choose to gloss over. Here’s a short intro before we get started.”

Dylan cued the DVD and scenes of Atlantis, mermaids, maps with “Here Be Monsters” appeared on the scene. As the trailer played he stepped toward the darkened edge of the platform and turned to admire Rachel.

She wore her hair back in a loose braid, wisps struggling to free themselves as the curls refused to remain tamed. Her eyes sparkled as she watched the presentation and he sucked in air to keep his body from reacting to her presence. He knew the class gossiped about him and could only imagine what they would make of him returning to the lecture podium with his dick engorged and straining to break free from his trousers.

Her perfume and natural scent drifted on the air to where he stood. The light feminine fragrance called him and he fought down his lust. Damn it, she was wet. He glanced at the young men seated on either side of her but neither paid her any attention. Someone else had triggered her arousal and he flicked his gaze back to see her eyes dart away from him, returning to the presentation on the screen. Hope rose in his heart as Rachel stared forward intently. Even now he sensed more blood rushing through her body, preparing her, flushing the delicate skin on her neck. She wasn’t unaware of him. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as difficult as he imagined.

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Wow! It’s great!

Happy Easter!

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