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Tidbit Tuesday

I’m still here. Just taking it a lot slower after the release of Rocky Mountain Heat and the end of the contest. Tomorrow, a regular post. Today, have a little tidbit. 🙂


Jesse and Joel took their turns, managing to sink eight balls in a row into the appropriate pockets before missing. Blake and Leo took over and they put away two more before Jesse cleared his throat to announce the next challenge.

“Triple Play.”

“Hell, Jesse, you’re kidding,” Leo complained. “Do I need to worry about why you want to slip between me and Blake while we shoot?”

Jesse shook his head. “Not me. I figured we could talk Jaxi into helping us.” He turned and held a hand to the girl. “What do you think, sweetheart? Run a little interference for us?”

Blake’s heartbeat increased as Jaxi took the hand offered her and smiled sweetly at Jesse. The boy had the guts to clasp her by the waist and slowly lower her to the ground, letting their bodies rub together tightly.

Jaxi propelled herself back from Jesse’s arms with a wink. “I’m in, but I’m supposed to start with Blake’s team. Troublemaker.” She patted his cheek and turned toward Blake, her eyes flashing. “Unless you’d rather give up right now and admit defeat. I never took you for a quitter, but I guess you can’t tell when things will get too hot for a person to handle.”

Blake shoved down his anger. She wanted to play with fire, did she? He was hot enough to burn through her teasing and take her on the table, right in front of the whole world, if she didn’t back off. Damn the consequences.

Blake examined the table for a sinkable shot. “Twelve in the side pocket, Leo.” His partner nodded and eyeballed the line before placing his hand on the table for Blake to rest the cue on. Leo twisted his body far to the side, leaving plenty of room for Blake to make the shot using one hand.

Except Triple Play meant he had to have Jaxi between him and Leo. Touching them both at the same time. Blake threw Jesse an evil look and a roar of laughter shot back at him.

“I did shower recently,” Jaxi said, moving in close.

Bloody hell. Don’t talk about showers right now.

Blake wrapped an arm around Jaxi and tugged her into his side. She slid her arms over his torso to his back and clung to him as he leaned over the table, positioned the cue on Leo’s outstretched hand and took the shot.

Jaxi’s sweet scent rose around them, her breath hot on his neck as he stood slowly. Tension built in his gut, not only from the feel of her against his body. Nine more balls to sink before they went to the next challenge and he would go insane if he had to watch his little brothers spoon Jaxi between the two of them.

Leo picked a shot and Blake set up the cradle. Instead of hugging onto Leo, Jaxi slid close to Blake again, resting in tight against his chest, her breasts compressed against him, swelling to the top of the scooped neck of her dress. Blake bit back a groan.

“You got troubles, Blake?” Jaxi whispered in his ear. She licked him, her hot little tongue slipping into his ear, making his whole body jerk in reaction.


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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
11 years ago


11 years ago

The whole pool scene is so hot.

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

🙂 at Christina


11 years ago




(gonna try and catch you at mari's too).

big hugs,

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago


Thank you, darling. 🙂

Lisa J
Lisa J
11 years ago

Wonderful book. I loved it. Thank you for another great book. I am looking forward to Wolf Flight next.

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