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I’m working on second edits for Tidal Wave- thought you’d like a little tidbit.

Oh, and it was very interesting to note that Angie announced at Samhain the three stories for the shifter call today. That was what I started writing Tidal Wave for, until my word count rose well above the 30K maximum and I ended up sending the story straight to my editor instead.

One of the stories that is in the three includes a ‘waterhorse’! SO there will be two watershifter stories out this summer!


The morning passed in a blur, and Alexia grew more and more confused. Gram hauled her from location to location, insisting there was something she needed at each stop.

Yet Gram purchased nothing but coffee and cake at the restaurant, and even that had been “on the house” once the manager, another of the Marley brothers, came to the table to give his personal greetings. By the end of the morning, Alexia had been reintroduced to at least a dozen of the playmates she’d gained over summers past. Now they were all sensual men who watched her with their bright eyes and more than a passing interest. Alexia felt the heat of their stares as they examined the necklace hanging between her breasts, their gazes lingering on her body.

They all found an opportunity to touch her casually in passing, her arm, her shoulder or they kissed her knuckles as they bent low over her hand. Part of her rebelled and wondered why she was being fawned over. Part of her grew hot and bothered and wondered what she could do to make them never stop. A low buzz of anticipation grew throughout her body and by lunchtime it was enough.

“Time to go home, Gram.”

“But there’s a couple more—”

“No.” Alexia rubbed her temples with her fingertips. “They will have to wait until tomorrow. Since you insist I go out tonight, I suggest we spend some time at home this afternoon. We can go through some of the things you want put aside for the research fellow who’s supposed to contact us soon.” She glanced at her grandmother to see Gram staring back with a great deal of surprise on her lined face.

Alexia gave her a gentle smile. “You’re not used to anyone telling you ‘no’, are you?”

Gram turned her face away to stare out the window but not before Alexia caught the small pout on the older woman’s lips. It was clear from the morning outing everyone in the small beachside community went out of their way to spoil her grandmother. She reached across the car seat and squeezed Gram’s hand for a moment. Alexia wasn’t displeased with the knowledge, but she was in dire need of a cold shower before attempting to accomplish anything of value in the afternoon. Her whole body was edgy and raw. Tight. Like she was being drawn thin and taut, and needed to be poured into before she could find release.


Coming July 21st from Samhain.

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12 years ago

EEE! You kill me!! I waited and waited and waited for Wolf Signs. NOW…you tease me with this and make me wait and wait and wait!! I am sensing a pattern.

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

But Tash… waiting is good for the soul. So I’ve been told.

(Drives me crazy too!! Lol!)

I’m writing as fast as I can so I can get more things out sooner. Does that work for you? Grin.

12 years ago

Of course!! I am sure I will be able to find sooomethiiiing to read 😀

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