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There's something missing...

A quick update on something, mainly to make sure the word continues to get out.

There’s a book missing from my backlist of available books. This doesn’t mean the book is off the store shelves, but I don’t want to draw attention to it for you to purchase right now. I love the story, and I had a couple more books intended to complete the space opera (because you KNOW I write in series, right? Can’t resist!)

But…I’ve been resisting. Ever since my book came out with Ellora’s Cave (EC) back in 2010, I’ve held off from writing books 2 and 3. It was both a financial decision and a sanity one. I didn’t like working with the company, so I focused on other things, saying farewell to the series I had intended to write.

Sometimes when you make a mistake, the best thing to do is to move on quietly.

Now, though, it’s time to say something in the hopes no one else makes the same mistake I did. EC hasn’t been all bad–but in the last short while, they’ve not been very good either. There are authors who I know and respect who are trying to deal with some major issues within the company. There is information that came out in this Dear Author post. There is now a lawsuit pending.

I’m sending out all the positive thoughts I can to the authors truly impacted by this turn of events. (I have 1 book- I don’t consider myself effected, just annoyed.) I hope that the end result means your books will become your own again.

Again, this post is offered in the hopes that if you’re reading this, you’ll have more information to make your own decision about submitting to EC (if you’re an author) or information regarding BUYING from EC (if you’re a reader).


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Erin Burns
5 years ago

I really am saddened by what’s been happening with EC. That’s the company that got me into both ebooks AND erotica.

5 years ago

Yeah, I feel terrible about everything going on. The authors, editors and cover artists (not to mention countless backstage workers) are trapped in a horrible situation. I have bought over 800+ since I first discovered Ellora’s Cave back in 2007. I, too, bought my very first EBook from EC. But slowly over time my favorite authors disappeared from the upcoming titles and I went in search of other outlets. Now I am faced with the decision that I can’t justify giving EC even one more penny of my money. As I became more aware of the booming digital revolution and… Read more »

5 years ago

Hello Vivian, I too became aware of your books & erotic romance through an Ebook purchased through EC. It is unfortunate all the turmoil they are causing their writers & all other wonderful people associated with getting us avid readers a new book to read. I absolutely adore each & every book you have ever written to date! But I am especially fond of the Rocky Mt. Series & the DreamMakers Series you have started (3 isn’t going to be enough) in that series girlfriend! I am so looking forward to book 7 ( already pre purchased ) & read… Read more »

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