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The WInd and the Sun


A little thing I’m working on for submission …

Copyright 2008 Vivian Arend

Excerpt from Chapter One

The rustling sound had stopped and Sunshine heard the flick of a bottle opening beside her. She smiled. Now she had him drinking his sorrows away. Score four, but who was counting?

“What do you think about a rematch?”

Sunshine lifted a perfectly shaped brow and turned to face him. She wanted to hit him with the full look of disdain that she’d been practicing in front of her mirror.

Oh. My. Word.

Zephyr was lying on a second recliner, mere inches away from her. The beer bottle she expected to see in his hand, the forlorn expression she expected to see on his face as he drooled over her… nowhere in sight. All she saw was skin.

Hot, naked, firm, glistening skin.

Did she mention naked?

Holy Sahara, the boy had gone mad. He’d dropped every last stitch from his body and slathered himself in oil before reclining like a Greek god on his couch. He was resting on one elbow, his upper body flexed to show arms that would have made Hercules a happy man. Firm muscles swelled under the skin of his chest, and Sunshine’s fingers actually twitched with the need to press her palms against him to see if he was as solid as he looked. The ridges of his abs defined a beautiful six-pack, no eight, no… Hell, was it possible to have a 12 pack? She couldn’t be sure because she was…kind of distracted… from concentrating on counting… because a trail of intriguing curls led down to where one leg stretched out, one bent up to perfectly frame…

Well, let’s just say someone was happy to see her.

Very happy.

Heat, like she usually only produced on extreme summer days, flushed over her skin and she involuntarily licked her suddenly dry lips.

A wicked chuckle distracted her from her sightseeing excursion.

“So what do you think?”

Zeus on a stick, what did she think about what? Sunshine forced her mouth shut and hurriedly wiped the drool from her chin, trying to make it look like she was covering a yawn.

Yeah, right. A yawn. Only because the total oxygen level in her body had dropped to negative twenty in 30 seconds or less. If she didn’t take in some air she was going to pass out.

Come on girl, pull it together. This was war…

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me? I was expecting the cabana boy with a refill sometime soon. It’s just impossible to get good service anymore.” Sunshine plucked a fan out of midair and started to gently wave it in front of her neckline. She wanted to produce a bucket of ice but that would have been a little obvious.

Shit, he was gorgeous. Why had she never noticed before?

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